The Slovak Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe , northwest face the Czech Republic, Poland, north , east Ukraine , south Hungary, Austria Southwest Pro , east of the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic since January 1, 1993 , Slovakia became independent sovereign state. The country lying north to south, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate , historical heritage sites , rich tourism resources. In addition , Slovakia is one of the world's largest number of castles country, well-preserved ancient castle ruins to a museum collection should be all there is .

Inland in central Europe , the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the east . North of Poland, Ukraine, east , south Hungary, Austria , bordering the southwest , west of the Czech Republic. An area of ??49,035 square kilometers . Higher ground , mostly in the western territory of the Carpathian Mountains , southwest and southeast of the small piece of plain. Western Carpathians are higher in northern zone , the majority of 1000-1500 meters above sea level , the mountain territory occupied most of the area . Climate is temperate continental climate ocean aptitude transition. The national average temperature 9.8 ℃, the highest temperature 36.6 ℃, the lowest temperature -26.8 ℃. Annual rainfall of 500-700 mm, 1,000 mm in the mountains above . The main rivers are the wah River, He Lang River , is the Danube River. One-third of the total area of ??forest habitat . The southern slope of the mountain broad-leaved forest , mixed and coniferous forests of the North Slope . There are a variety of mineral deposits of iron, manganese, coal, oil , natural gas.

Of the capital of Slovakia

Bratislava (Bratislava), located in the small Danube Carpathian foothills, population
462 000 ( 2011 ) , is the largest inland port in Slovakia and political , economic, cultural and petrochemical industrial center. City built the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University City and other cultural institutions. Bratislava from the old and new city composed of two . Old Town, many historical sites , including the oldest and most representative building comes Bratislava Castle. This was originally a fortress built by the Romans . New City , Chain Bridge across the Danube puts up north and south.

Beautiful lakes both tourist attractions and an important base for the development of freshwater fish farming and agriculture. Although Slovakia is a landlocked country , but its transport facilitation . The country has more than 3600 km of railways , the Danube in Slovakia up to 172 km , can travel 1500-2000 ton barge. Capable of reaching the boat upstream Regensburg, Germany , and down the river , you can enter through the Romanian Black Sea . Slovakia implemented a social market economy , the main industrial sectors include iron and steel , food, tobacco processing, transportation , petrochemical , machinery, automobiles and so on. The main crops are barley, wheat, corn, oilseeds , potatoes, sugar beet.

On the map of Europe , Slovakia excellent location very obvious. West of the country with Austria and the Czech Republic both countries bordering the north of Poland , Hungary, south , east near Ukraine. It is this privileged location , Slovakia became an ideal place for tourism several Central European neighbors .

Slovakia is only 428 km stretch of things , this distance is equivalent to a day's drive . Tourists in the tourism process will not help but wonder the country 's unique and beautiful scenery and graceful. To better understand the views of the area , the price needs to spend more time here. The longer you spend time , you will find more surprise and attractions. In this piece an area of ??only 49,039 square kilometers ( about the size of China's territory area of ??1/ 196 ) of land , you can enjoy all the other tourist activities other than sea views.

Slovakia quiet but not add polish natural scenery for those who love nature and experience the sport provides an ideal entertainment and leisure, if you thought an active holiday, you can walk all the way to the mountains to watch many of the classes protected flora and fauna. It is commendable that Slovakia has nine national parks . The most worth a visit

Slovakia is one of the world's largest number of castles country, well-preserved ancient castle ruins to a museum collection should be all there is . Slovakia has about 180 registered protected castles and ruins , there are about 1,200 manor houses and towers.

Slovak National diligence, wisdom , ingenuity, monuments and structures Jiangxinduju technical engineering and art are powerful evidence. The country has four sites have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List , the value of the country's cultural heritage is evident. Typical Banská · Stiavnica ore reserves, charismatic 14th-century Gothic Bardejov town small village of traditional folk architecture and斯皮思castles and other monuments are considered Central Europe 's largest castle .

Slovakia provides a vibrant blend of scenic beauty, medieval history and lively city-life. Take a private Slovakia tour with a knowledgeable local guide and discover the many charms of this Eastern European nation.

Bratislava, with its charming historical centre and contrasting Soviet-era developments is a fascinating study in contrasts and a city well worth exploring. Be sure to take a river boat ride west along the Danube to see the stunning cliff-top ruins of Devin Castle, first founded in the 8th century. In Bardejov, see the charming Gothic-Renaissance houses of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town centre. In Eastern Slovakia, the snow-covered peaks of the High Tatras provide world-class hiking opportunities. And if hiking isn't your style, take a cable car to the peak of Lomnický Štít for stunning views.



位于欧洲中部内陆、原捷克斯洛伐克社会主义共和国的东部。北临波兰,东接乌克兰,南界匈牙利,西南与奥地利接壤,西连捷克。面积为49035平方公里。地势较高,领土大部分位于西喀尔巴阡山山区,西南和东南有小片平原。北部是西喀尔巴阡山脉较高的地带,大部分海拔100 0—1500米,山地占据了国土的大部分地区。属海洋性向大陆性气候过渡的温带气候。全国平均气温9.8℃,最高气温36.6℃,最低气温-26.8℃。年降水量500-700毫米,山区1,000毫米以上。主要河流有瓦赫河、赫朗河等,属多瑙河流域。森林面积占全境三分之一。山地南坡为阔叶林,北坡为混交林和针叶林。有铁、锰、煤、石油、天然气等多种矿藏。



美丽的湖泊既是旅游观光景点又是发展淡水养鱼业和农业的重要基地。 斯洛伐克虽然是内陆国家,但其交通运输便利。全国拥有3600多公里的铁路,多瑙河在斯洛伐克境内长达172公里,可行驶1500—2000吨的驳船。驾船逆流而上可抵德国的雷根斯堡,顺流而下,可经罗马尼亚进入黑海。斯洛伐克推行社会市场经济,主要工业部门有钢铁、食品、烟草加工、交通工具、石化、机械、汽车等。主要农作物有大麦、小麦、玉米、油料作物、马铃薯、甜菜等。









Slovakia World Heritage

Barr generation about her husband's long history, dating back to the earliest human traces 20,000 years BC, after the 11th century, residents of Baltimore on behalf of her husband is about north-south direction along commercial lines settled, the city gradually gained autonomy, rapidly developed city. Trade, farming and handicrafts became a pillar of the economy. 1376, Barr generation about her husband began to build around the walls, bastions and basic town planning, which includes a rectangular outside markets. The north side of the town square is the Roman architectural style of Gott Syracuse church, completed in 1464, is one of the most typical eastern Slovakia-style architecture. There are 11 subsidiaries around the building as the altar. Many inside and outside the church to draw beautifully Hou Gete style and early Renaissance frescoes, a large number of handicraft products, wooden benches are well-preserved. City Hall was built in the early 15th century, from Syracuse church just a wall, is style and Early Renaissance style hybrid. It is also Slovakia's first Renaissance-style building.

Banska - even good located Gurkha Hill Crescent footpath ear bar area, what good mountains in the heart of mineral-rich volcanic group of regions, cities around the world cultural heritage, including Old Fort Glaeser, even good , Siti Nuo Castle. Both known 12th century, the history from the defense, religion, political functions. Mining and industrial center.

Wenceslas II (reigned 1283-1305) reign, the region became the industry thrive in busy areas. Subsequently, Kutna Hora became the ultimate goal of urban planning development. The area underwent a currency reform, in 1300 established a new mint, after the currency reform in this casting Geluo Sen coins for Prague government. Wenceslas II's reign also built a large-scale repair Cistercian monastery. 15th century with the growth of population density, the city has reached an unprecedented prosperous. Hungary after the death of King Albert led to the outbreak of war in serious decline. After the reconstruction of the memorial building a church, town hall, Trinity Square.

City is built on mining sites. Urban layout adapted to the complexity of the local landscape. Urban neighborhoods in the valley most concentrated area around Trinity Square open to the surrounding development. Most miners live in houses built according to different heights and using street separated. Urban landscape rich in both cultural connotation and industry characteristics, in addition to important Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and traditional monuments, mainly by the large number of houses built in 15-17 century form. These, together with Renaissance palace houses the main framework composed of Trinity Square, and around the entrances of the tunnel. A century Baroque architecture, plaques occupy the post in the central square. A large industrial building facilities scattered throughout the urban area; including tunnels, dams, transportation trough, drainage channels, repositories and ventilation facilities. Archaeological remains scattered in various parts of the region.

Sipi Shi castle is located in central Slovakia Dyck 634 meters above sea level on the rock layer, overlooking the rolling green hills and valleys. It's defensive walls bathed in sunlight, wind and percussion from experiencing the Tatra Mountains, but troubled history since the Middle Ages witnessed. Wall has a main building and several spectacular glimpses of the Belvedere volley pass. A castle in eastern Europe does not have such a scale fortifications.

Caves National Park is located in Aggtelek and Slovak Karst landscape protection area, located in the south of Slovakia and northeastern Hungary international border line, and across the mountains south of Alba footpath. Overall, the terrestrial protected caves can be divided into two parts: one is the Aggtelek National Park, covering 19,708 hectares, the other part of that is the Slovak Karst protected landscape area, the area is 36,165 hectares. But the real World Heritage range is quite small, only including the caves themselves. Covers the natural features and biological components as one of the Aggtelek karst caves with its unique style and famous, it not only has considerable aesthetic value, in science, and its status is immeasurable.


巴尔代约夫的历史悠久,最早的人类痕迹可以追溯到公元前20,000年,11世纪以后,巴尔代约夫的居民是沿着南北方向的商线定居的,逐步获得了城市自治权,城市迅速发展起来。贸易往来、农业耕种和手工业成为了经济支柱。 1376年,巴尔代约夫周围开始修建城墙、棱堡和基本的城镇规划,其中包括城外的一个长方形的市场。在市政广场的北边是罗马戈特式建筑风格的圣埃迪鸠斯教堂,竣工于1464年,是斯洛伐克东部最典型后戈特式风格的建筑之一。周围有11所作为附属建筑物的圣坛。教堂内部和外部许多绘制精美的后戈特式和文艺复兴早期的壁画、大量的手工艺制品、木长凳都完好的保留了下来。市政厅建于15世纪初期,离圣埃迪鸠斯教堂只有一墙之隔,是后戈特式和文艺复兴早期风格的混合体。它也是斯洛伐克第一座文艺复兴时期风格的建筑。

班斯卡-什佳夫尼察位于喀耳巴阡山新月区内,什佳夫尼察山脉中心地带矿藏丰富的火山群地区,城市四周的世界文化遗产包括格兰泽堡旧城, 什佳夫尼察、斯提诺城堡等。公元12世纪既为人所知,历史上起了防卫,宗教,政治功能。是采矿和工业中心。

瓦兹拉夫二世(1283-1305年在位)统治时期,该地区成为工业兴旺繁忙地区。其后,库特纳霍拉成为城市规划开发的最终目标。该地区进行了货币改革,1300年建立了一所新造币厂,货币改革后在此为布拉格政府铸造格罗森硬币。瓦兹拉夫二世统治时期还修建了一座规模宏大的西妥修会修道院。 15世纪随人口密度增长,城市也达到了空前繁盛。匈牙利阿尔伯特国王去世后爆发的一场战争导致该地严重衰落。以后重建的纪念建筑有教堂,市政厅,三一广场。





Slovakia local dishes unfamiliar to many tourists, with strong ethnic characteristics Slovakia meals have added feta pasta sauce, duck or goose fried cabbage and potato gnocchi dough add cabbage made ​​fluffy gnocchi. Traditional Slovak dishes are mushroom soup, cabbage soup and bean soup.

Czechs alcohol, the more well-known wine-rich country, has asked Cowie or small Carpathian Mountains, and many other wine-growing areas. Locally brewed beer is quite famous Plzen, Pilsen beer factory open house, wine lovers should not miss. Another Moravian wine region is also quite good. Pub around Slovakia offers a variety of wines, in addition to beer, as well as plum brandy, bitter herbs, etc., are regarded as a special taste.


捷克人嗜酒,该国盛产的美酒比较知名,有托考伊或小喀尔巴阡山等许多葡萄种植区。当地酿制的皮耳森啤酒相当知名,皮尔森啤工厂开放参观,爱酒人士不可错过。另外摩拉维亚地区的葡萄酒也相当不错。斯洛伐克各地的Pub提供各式酒类,除了啤酒,还有梅子白兰地 、草药苦酒等,都算得上口味特殊。 


January 1 National Day (Deň vzniku Slovenskej republiky)
Memorial January 1, 1993 founding

January 6 Epiphany (Święto Trzech Króli oraz Święto Bożego Narodzenia chrześcijan prawosławnych)
Epiphany (Greek: επιφάνεια, English: Italian display of the Epiphany, there appear or; Orthodox festival known as baptism) is an important festival of Catholic and Christian, to commemorate and celebrate the birth of Jesus after man first revealed to the Gentiles (referring to the three kings of Orient); Epiphany is January 6 each year, but different religions have different feast day celebration. Epiphany meaning in the Christian point of view mainly include the birth of Jesus Christ man, Dr. Orient (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar) to Bethlehem to worship El Nino (Jesus), as well as being his pro cousin Saint John the Baptist Jesus childhood All events are being received in 30 AD Baptism in the Jordan River before happened (ie, the truth of the kingdom of Jesus publicity three years before the time). This ancient form of Epiphany festival is Hanukkah Jews, was already set at the January 6 a.

April 6 Jesus Good Friday (Veľkonočný piatok)
Christ on Good Friday, also known as: Good Friday, Christians commemorate Jesus Christ is crucified crucifixion day was a Friday before Easter. According to the Bible, Jesus in AD 33 Nisan in the Jewish calendar around at 9:00 on the 14th was crucified, died at about three p.m.. Jesus told his disciples alone to commemorate his death.

April 9 Easter Monday (Veľkonočný pondelok)
Easter (the resurrection day) is an important festival west, the full moon after the vernal equinox each year on the first Sunday. Christians believe that Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the third day after the Day of Resurrection cross between AD 30-33 years. If the region has the Easter holidays, it is usually with the Good Friday holiday. Today, many folk customs associated with Easter such as Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are not the origin of Christianity. Jesus commanded his disciples to remember his death (Luke 22: 19, 20).

May 1 International Labor Day (Sviatok práce)
International Labor Day, also known as "May Day", "International Day demonstrations," is Labor Day in most countries of the world.

8 May Victory Day (Deň víťazstva nad fašizmom)

July 5 Cyril (Sviatok svätého Cyrila a Metoda)
Cyril (Greek: Κύριλλος, Old Church Slavonic: Кѷриллъ, English: Cyril), also translated as Kirill, 826 years or 827 years of the Eastern Roman Empire was born in Thessaloniki (Greece now located). He also was the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church canonized, called "St. Cyril." He and his brother America Dude large Moravia and Pannonia Slavs carried out missionary activities. Their missionary activity has greatly affected the process of civilization Slavs, which allows them access to "Slavic missionaries" in the title. They brothers invented the Glagolitic alphabet. Glagolitic alphabet was first used to record the Old Church Slavonic alphabet. They died, their students continue to perform missionary work Slavs. Two brothers have been awarded the Orthodox Church "Equals to the Apostles" in the title. 1880, Pope Leo XIII established the Catholic festival for them in Catholicism. In 1980, the Catholic Pope John Paul II announced that they and St. Benedict of Norcia together is the patron saint of Europe.

August 29 Slovak National Uprising Day (Výročie Slovenského národného povstania)

September 1 Constitution Day (Deň Ústavy Slovenskej republiky)

September 15 Slovakia protecting saint festivals (Sviatok Panny Márie Sedembolestnej, patrónky Slovenska)

November 1 All Saints' Day (Sviatok všetkých svätých)
All Saints Day is both Catholic and Orthodox festival. In the Catholic Church, the All Saints' Day on November 1 each year. In the Orthodox Church, and Halloween is Pentecost (Pentecost) after the first Sunday, which marks the end of the Easter quarter. All Saints is a Catholic call for all the faithful saints and martyrs, including the well-known and unknown. This festival is the first day of the month of Catholic souls in purgatory, in the name of the saint celebrated festival, which is used as a day to celebrate all been included in the saint's feast of the saint. The Roman Catholic festival (Festum omnium sanctorum) is scheduled for November 1, followed by spirits Day November 2 is the first level of the celebration, including a vigil ceremony and a celebration of 28.

November 17 Freedom and Democracy Day (Deň boja za slobodu a demokraciu)

December 24 Christmas Eve (Štedrý deň)
Christmas Eve, that Christmas Eve (December 24), also known as "Christmas Eve", in the majority of the Christian community is one of the Christmas celebration of the festival. Traditionally, Christmas tree decorations Christmas Eve day, but as an early Christmas celebrations begin, for example the United States after Thanksgiving, many trees have been furnished as early as a few weeks before Christmas. In the UK, Christmas Eve, such as during the working day, sometimes banks and trading companies deemed short day (afternoon). Traditional church Christmas period beginning on Christmas Eve. Unless that day is a Sunday (see section look down), vigil party is said to be in the morning of December 24. However, before midnight to attend the Christmas party is not allowed. Christmas season continues until January 4, as the day is a Saturday, then to January 5, when the Epiphany (show day) celebrated. Traditionally, many Christians will participate in the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass or gatherings, usually held in the church around the world, in order to indicate the beginning of Christmas Day. Some churches will be held earlier in the evening candlelight worship time, usually Nativity story drama performances will also enjoy a meal, generally have turkey or ham as the main course. Traditional German dishes are burned carp.

December 25 Christmas Day (Prvý sviatok vianočný)
Christmas in Taiwan, also known as Christmas, is a traditional festival of the church calendar, it is a celebration day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Day, most of the Catholic church will be on Christmas Eve on December 24, that is December 25 Midnight Mass held in the morning, and some Christian churches will hold caroling, and then in December 25 to celebrate Christmas ; while the other major branch of Christianity - Orthodox Christmas celebrations in the annual January 7. According to Catholic Gospels, Jesus is the Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit pregnant after giving birth, Mary and her husband Joseph was on his way to Rome census registration. Jesus was born in a Jewish believer seems to be the Messiah prophesied in the plan to come to realize, because Bethlehem is David first family home. Christmas is also the Western world as well as many other areas of public holidays, for example: in Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. However, the exact date of Jesus' birth is disputed.

December 26 Boxing Day (Druhý sviatok vianočný)


1月1日 国庆日 (Deň vzniku Slovenskej republiky)
1月6日 主显节 (Święto Trzech Króli oraz Święto Bożego Narodzenia chrześcijan prawosławnych)
  主显节(希腊文:επιφάνεια,英文:Epiphany,有出现或显示之意;东正教俗称为洗礼节)是一个天主教及基督教的重要节庆日,以纪念及庆祝耶稣在降生为人后首次显露给外邦人(指东方三贤士);主显节是为每年的1月6日,但因不同的宗教而有不同的庆日庆祝。主显节在基督教角度上的含义主要包括了耶稣基督降生为人、东方博士(Caspar、Melchior和 Balthasar)到伯利恒朝拜圣婴(耶稣),以及耶稣童年时在被他的亲表哥圣若翰洗者在公元30年于约旦河被领受圣洗前所发生过的所有事件(即耶稣宣传天国的道理的三年间之前的时候)。主显节这个节庆的古老形式是犹太人的光明节,当时就已经定在了1月6日了。
4月6日 基督受难日 (Veľkonočný piatok)
4月9日 复活节星期一 (Veľkonočný pondelok)
5月1日 国际劳动节 (Sviatok práce)
5月8日 胜利日 (Deň víťazstva nad fašizmom)
7月5日 西里尔 (Sviatok svätého Cyrila a Metoda)
  西里尔(希腊语:Κύριλλος,古教会斯拉夫语: Кѷриллъ,英语: Cyril),也译作基里尔,826年或827年生于东罗马帝国萨洛尼卡(位于现在的希腊)。他同时被天主教会和东正教会封为圣人,被称为“圣西里尔”。他和他的弟弟美多德对大摩拉维亚和潘诺尼亚的斯拉夫人进行过传教活动。他们的传教活动大大影响了斯拉夫人的文明进程,这使得他们获得“斯拉夫人的传教士” 的称号。 他们兄弟俩发明了格拉哥里字母。格拉哥里字母是第一种用来记录古教会斯拉夫语的字母。 他们死后,他们的学生继续对斯拉夫人进行传教工作。两兄弟都被东正教会授予“Equals to the Apostles”的头衔。1880年,天主教教皇利奥十三世在天主教里为他们设立节日。1980年,天主教教皇约翰·保禄二世宣布他们与诺尔恰的圣本笃一起是欧洲的主保圣人。
8月29日 斯洛伐克民族起义日 (Výročie Slovenského národného povstania)
9月1日 宪法日 (Deň Ústavy Slovenskej republiky)
9月15日 斯洛伐克保护圣女节日 (Sviatok Panny Márie Sedembolestnej, patrónky Slovenska)
11月1日 诸圣节 (Sviatok všetkých svätých)
  诸圣节是天主教和东正教都有的节日。在天主教中,诸圣节在每年的11月1日。在东正教中,万圣节是圣灵降临节(Pentecost)之后的第一个星期日,因而标志着复活节季度的结束。诸圣是一个天主教称呼,用于所有忠诚的圣者和殉道者,包括知名的和不知名的。这个节日是天主教的炼灵月的首日,是以圣者的名义庆祝的节日,而这日是用作庆祝所有被列入圣品的圣人的瞻礼。罗马天主教将节日(Festum omnium sanctorum)定于11月1日,紧接着是11月2日的诸灵节,是第一等级的庆典,包含一个守夜礼和一个八日庆期。
11月17日 自由和民主日 (Deň boja za slobodu a demokraciu)
12月24日 平安夜 (Štedrý deň)
12月25日 圣诞节 (Prvý sviatok vianočný)
12月26日 节礼日 (Druhý sviatok vianočný)



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