The Principality of Liechtenstein is a small, alpine German-speaking country doubly landlocked by Switzerland and Austria. It is the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire and an independent nation with very close ties to Switzerland. It enjoys a very high standard of living and is home to some incredibly beautiful mountain scenery. The principality's capital, Vaduz, is mainly a modern city and a major centre of commerce and international banking.

Liechtenstein is very mountainous and one of the world's two doubly-landlocked countries along with Uzbekistan. Most of Liechtenstein's population lives in the long and wide Rhine Valley in the western third. Roads are mainly laid out in a north-south pattern following the valley as well. To the north the main roads lead to the border with Austria, to the south they enter Switzerland, and to the west across the river the bridges also cross into Switzerland. Most of the eastern border with Austria is not passable and is only accessible by foot as it is very mountainous, though the north of the country is well connected by road to Feldkirch in Austria. The country's highest point is the Grauspitz, which stretches to 2,599m. Liechtenstein is 2.5 time bigger than San Marino and it is 81 times bigger than Monaco.

Liechtenstein has a continental climate featuring cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow or rain, making the country a moderately popular ski destination. Summers are cool to moderately warm, also often cloudy and humid.

列支敦士登公国(德语: Fürstentum列支敦士登),是一种小型,高山德语的国家是瑞士和奥地利双重内陆。它是神圣罗马帝国和一个非常紧密的联系,以瑞士独立国家的最后残余。它拥有一个非常高标准的生活,是家庭对一些令人难以置信的美丽的山景。公国的首都瓦杜兹,主要是一个现代化的城市,商业和国际银行的主要中心。

列支敦士登是非常山区和世界上两个双内陆国之一(即侵犯其接壤的国家本身内陆太)以及乌兹别克斯坦。大多数列支敦士登的人口生活在长和宽莱茵河谷在西部第三。道路主要布局在下面的山谷,以及南北格局。在北部主要路通与奥地利边境,他们进入瑞士南部,以及河对岸的西桥还越境进入瑞士。大多数与奥地利接壤的东部边境的不及格,仅通过步行到达,因为它是非常多山,虽然该国北部既受道路费尔德在奥地利相连。该国的最高点是Grauspitz ,一直延伸到2599米。列支敦士登比圣马力诺更大的2.5倍,并且比摩纳哥大81倍。



Swiss fondue (Fondue) and Raclette - is a delicacy of cheese (cheese) made ??. The different flavors of cheeses such as Emmental (Emmerntal), Appenzell (Appenzell), gifted Kazakhstan (Jura) and mint into the pot heated to melt the cheese and then add white wine and cook together . Eat a small piece of bread will be placed on a special fork and then bread dipped in melted cheese after eating .

Sausage (Sausages) and Roesti - fried potatoes coupled with the minced veal sausage . Buendnerfleisch - dried beef grid Song (Grisons) specialty. Fondue Bourguignonne - the so-called meat hotpot (Meat Fondue). Boiling oil into the pan fried beef slices will then flavored with different kinds of seasoning sauce . Emince de veau - with mushrooms , cream and white wine sauce poured over boiled sliced ??veal .

Zopf (Bread) ( bread ) in Liechtenstein there are many types of bread. But Zopf is a very special bread is specially on Sunday while eating breakfast.

Wurstsalat (Sausage Salad) ( sausage salad ) This is a good food in the hot summer , which is usually on the bread and iced tea or beer, eat together.

Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake) ( carrot cake ) in the child 's eyes, carrot cake is the best way to eat carrots . It can be made into cakes , like now , like this picture , or made ??into a pie. Generally, it can be made with little marzipan carrots to decorate the cake.

Liechtenstein is the fourth of the total population of a small country in Europe , behind the Vatican , Monaco and San Marino . About one-third of the residents in the territory of a foreign nationality, mainly Germany , Austria , and Switzerland. Racial distribution of their populations is very simple , 86 % of which is a branch of the Germanic peoples Alemanni , Italians and Turks, which is the bulk of the remaining minority compared with indicators of significance . It has 58 local government rule ( 2006 ) Chinese citizens in local life .

International students ability to assess the operation of the project by the OECD as the world's first educational Liechtenstein ten, much higher than the OECD average .

Language , although English is the official language of Liechtenstein , but most of the residents are using Alemannic dialect of German language is one other Germanic or Slavic or Hungarian recognized as an official minority languages.

瑞士小火锅(Fondue)及Raclette - 是一道由乳酪(cheese)制成的佳肴。将不同口味的乳酪如艾门塔尔(Emmerntal),阿彭策尔( Appenzell),优哈(Jura)及薄荷乳酪放入锅中加热溶化後再加入白酒一起煮。吃法是将小块面包置於特制的叉子上然後再将面包浸入溶化的乳酪中後食用。

香肠(Sausages)及Roesti - 将马铃薯搅碎後煎熟配上小牛肉香肠。Buendnerfleisch - 风乾的牛肉为格宋(Grisons)的特产。 Fondue Bourguignonne - 所谓的肉类火锅(Meat Fondue)。烧开的油中将牛肉片放入锅内炸后再配以不同种类的调味味酱。 Emince de veau - 以蘑菇,奶油及白酒煮成的酱汁浇在切片的小牛肉上。

Zopf (Bread)(面包) 在列支敦士登有很多种类的面包。但是Zopf 是一种很特别的面包,是特意在星期天而食用的早餐。

Wurstsalat(Sausage Salad)(香肠沙拉)这是在炎热夏天的一道好菜,通常它是就着面包与冰茶或者啤酒一起吃。

Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake)(胡萝卜蛋糕)在小孩的眼里,胡萝卜蛋糕是胡萝卜最好的吃法。它可以做成蛋糕,就象现在的这个图片一样,或者做成一个馅饼。通常,它可以用小的胡萝卜做成杏仁蛋白软糖装饰在蛋糕上。