The Republic of Estonia is one of the Baltic countries in Eastern Europe , the West and Russia, which borders with Latvia , respectively, to the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland to the north , south and east . In 1991, after Lithuania declared its independence , Estonia also followed independence , the capital of Tallinn . The modern name of the country of Estonia (Eesti) may be derived from the Roman historian Tacitus' book " Germania Chi" is called Aestii crowd described . Although Estonia overall resource-poor , but it was still a small amount of land rich variety of resources. The country also has a large oil shale and limestone as well as 47% of the territory covered by forests . Because of its fast-growing economy , information technology is developed, Estonia has often been called the " Baltic Tiger" , the World Bank as high-income countries of Estonia . Joined the EU in 2004 , to become members of the EU .

Estonia is known as a beautiful country surrounded by the sea . Here, sunrise and sunset are rising from the sea falling .

Located on the east coast , east border with Russia , South and neighboring Latvia , north of the Gulf of Finland , the Finnish across the sea, near the southwest Gulf of Riga , 1445 km long border line , 3794 km long coastline . A maritime climate , the average winter temperature is -5 ℃, the average summer temperature is 16 ℃, the average annual rainfall 500-700 mm.

Natural resources . The main mineral oil shale ( proven reserves of about 60 million tons) , phosphate ( reserves of about 40 million tons) , limestone and so on . Forest area of ??2,115,500 hectares , the forest coverage rate reached 48%, and forest stock volume 409 million cubic meters , has a capacity of 178 cubic meters of wood per capita .

Love has deep ties with the Nordic country's history , politics , economy, military, culture closely . In 2006, the two sides continue to maintain high-level visits , after the election of President Ilves in Finland 's first visit that is selected , the Prime Minister Ansip to attend EU summit held in Finland , the Asia-Europe summit.

Estonia is rich in tourism resources of a country , the forest coverage rate reached 48% , lakes dotted with islands , medieval castles , national parks, seaside resorts are tourist places not to be missed . Estonia is a lot of European countries after the garden , especially in the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, the number of classes every day, large passenger ships traveling between Tallinn and Helsinki , Stockholm , the beautiful Baltic ferries also became a landscape .

Estonia is a Baltic gem offering visitors the chance to see a tiny dynamic land on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Glorious beaches pepper the extensive coastline, although the swimming season is short. After all, the Baltics are not renowned for warm weather - something that any visitor to Estonia must be aware of — the summer is short and the winter is severe.

Tallinn's medieval old town was built by the German crusaders in the Late Middle Ages and is in magnificent condition, with the medieval city walls and towers almost completely intact and it rates as one of Europe's best medieval old towns. Visitors can also experience an ex-Soviet occupied country that is now part of the European Union. Traces of the Soviet era are still there to be seen — e.g. Paldiski, a deserted Soviet army base that was once off-limits to Estonians themselves, can easily be visited on a day trip from the capital, Tallinn.








爱沙尼亚是波罗的海宝石为游客提供机会看到一个微小动态地在波罗的海沿岸。美丽的海滩辣椒漫长的海岸线,虽然游泳的季节很短。毕竟,波罗的海国家是没有见着温暖的天气 - 这是任何访问者爱沙尼亚必须意识到 - 夏季短,冬季是严重的。

塔林的中世纪古城是由在中世纪晚期的德国十字军建,是宏伟的条件下,与中世纪的城墙和塔楼几乎完全不变,并将其得分为欧洲最好的中世纪城镇之一。游客还可以体验一个前苏联占领的国家,现在是欧盟的一部分。苏联时代的痕迹仍然存在待观察 - 例如帕尔迪斯基,一个废弃的苏联陆军基地,曾经是禁地到爱沙尼亚人自己,可以很容易地访问从首都塔林一日游



s and strong, to participate in the talks, punctual for appointments. Feelings are not easily exposed, focus on maintaining national characteristics, a strong sense of national culture and language. Love prohibit smoking in public places.

Estonian Art Academy

Tallinn, Estonia at the Art Institute, which was founded in 1904, formerly known as the School of Applied Arts in Tallinn, Estonia only one University College of Art and Design class. Currently, the school has 762 students from all over the world. 1999, the hospital joined the European education system, and with from the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, the United States, Poland and other 15 European countries many art institutions have extensive exchanges and cooperation.



位于塔林的爱沙尼亚艺术学院,其前身为创建于1904年的塔林应用美术学院,是爱沙尼亚唯一一所大学级的艺术和设计学院。目前,学校共有来自全世界各地的762名学生。1999年,该院加入了欧盟教育体系, 并与来自英国、法国、德国、荷兰、芬兰、西班牙、美国、波兰等15个欧美国家众多艺术院校有着广泛的交流和合作。


Due to historical reasons, the Estonian daily diet is very close to Germany. Pork, potatoes more common. Because ethnic Russians accounted for 20% more than the population of Estonia, where Russian cuisine everywhere. The most common is the Russian black bread - Column bar. Estonian cuisine has Marineeritud angerjas flooded eel, Silgusoust acid juice Baltic fish, Mulgikapsad pork with sauerkraut, Verivorst blood sausage. Estonian beer, Saku, Estonia's largest brewery, is well-known beer brands in Estonia.

Since Estonia is located in Northern Europe, so the type of vegetables, fruit affected by climate not very rich. Generally only see a few common vegetables in the supermarket, like cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots. Other ingredients, such as garlic, ginger and the like prices are high. As for the fruit, it would be more regarded as a luxury, and the price is very high. Therefore, Estonia is more interested in eating meat, have less fruit or vegetable ingredients.

由于历史的原因,爱沙尼亚的日常饮食非常接近德国。猪肉、土豆比较普遍。因为俄罗斯族人占爱沙尼亚人口的20%多,这里俄罗斯风味的菜肴也随处可见。最常见的是俄罗斯的黑面包-列巴。爱沙尼亚特色美食有Marineeritud angerjas淹鳗鱼,Silgusoust波罗的海酸汁鱼,Mulgikapsad 配酸菜的猪肉,Verivorst血肠。爱沙尼亚的啤酒,Saku是爱沙尼亚最大的酒厂,也是爱沙尼亚家喻户晓的啤酒品牌。


January 1 New Year's Day (uusaasta)
New Year's Day, also known as the "new years" refers to the current calendar of January 1. But before 1911, "New Year" that is today's "Spring Festival", which is the lunar New Year. New Year's Day is a holiday in many countries of the world or regions, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan, Korea and so on. Among them China, Singapore and vacation day as a statutory holiday in Japan on vacation for six days, from years ago, on December 29 until the first of which China, Singapore and the day as a statutory holiday leave, leave Japan for six days, from years ago, December 29 day until the second year on January 3. Custom, the "New Year" major blessing to each other in various ways, greeting cards is one of the main forms.

February 24th Independence Day (iseseisvuspäev)

April 6 Jesus Good Friday (suur reede)
Christ on Good Friday, also known as: Good Friday, Christians commemorate Jesus Christ is crucified crucifixion day was a Friday before Easter. According to the Bible, Jesus in AD 33 Nisan in the Jewish calendar around at 9:00 on the 14th was crucified, died at about three p.m.. Jesus told his disciples alone to commemorate his death.

April 8 Easter (ülestõusmispühade 1. püha, lihavõtted)
Easter (the resurrection day) is an important festival west, the full moon after the vernal equinox each year on the first Sunday. Christians believe that Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the third day after the Day of Resurrection cross between AD 30-33 years. If the region has the Easter holidays, it is usually with the Good Friday holiday. Today, many folk customs associated with Easter such as Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are not the origin of Christianity. Jesus commanded his disciples to remember his death (Luke 22: 19, 20).

May 1 Spring Break (kevadpüha)

May 27 Pentecost (nelipühade 1. püha)
Pentecost or harvest festival is one of the three feast of the Jews, and later became the Christian Pentecost day (or Pentecost). Jewish feast according to the Jewish calendar period, to commemorate the fiftieth day after the Israelites out of Egypt, God awarded to Moses on Mount Sinai, "Ten Commandments" of the day; Pentecost Christian date is scheduled in the first 50 days after Easter Jesus Assumption 10 days after the holiday.

June 23 Victory Day (võidupüha)

June 24 Midsummer (jaanipäev)
Midsummer is a celebration of the summer solstice comes, Chinese people celebrate Midsummer less, but in the Nordic Midsummer is an important holiday. Midsummer festival in Denmark, Finland and Sweden are public holidays. In Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland and other places are also celebrating Midsummer. Midsummer is an important traditional festivals residents of northern Europe, in some places, local residents will be erected on this day midsummer column (Maypole). Midsummer festival has become an important festival in the Nordic a local celebration, and local partial cold weather related.

August 20 restoration of independence (taasiseseisvumispäev)

December 25 Christmas Day (esimene jõulupüha)
Christmas in Taiwan, also known as Christmas, is a traditional festival of the church calendar, it is a celebration day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Day, most of the Catholic church will be on Christmas Eve on December 24, that is December 25 Midnight Mass held in the morning, and some Christian churches will hold caroling, and then in December 25 to celebrate Christmas ; while the other major branch of Christianity - Orthodox Christmas celebrations in the annual January 7. According to Catholic Gospels, Jesus is the Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit pregnant after giving birth, Mary and her husband Joseph was on his way to Rome census registration. Jesus was born in a Jewish believer seems to be the Messiah prophesied in the plan to come to realize, because Bethlehem is 约瑟祖 David first family home. Christmas is also the Western world as well as many other areas of public holidays, for example: in Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. However, the exact date of Jesus' birth is disputed.

December 26 Boxing Day (teine ​​jõulupüha)

1月1日 元旦 (uusaasta)
2月24日 独立日 (iseseisvuspäev)
4月6日 基督受难日 (suur reede)
4月8日 复活节 (ülestõusmispühade 1. püha, lihavõtted)
5月1日 春假 (kevadpüha)
5月27日 五旬节 (nelipühade 1. püha)  
6月23日 胜利日 (võidupüha)
6月24日 仲夏节 (jaanipäev)
8月20日 恢复独立 (taasiseseisvumispäev)
12月25日 圣诞节 (esimene jõulupüha)
12月26日 节礼日 (teine jõulupüha)