Cyprus is geographically in Asia island , which belongs to Asia [ Bible calls " Kittim island" , one is located in the eastern Mediterranean , the Mediterranean region is also the most popular tourist destination . On the legal sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus , the island of Cyprus and its surrounding waters , except for a small area in the United Kingdom as a result of the Treaty assigned to a military base ; while in reality it is divided into two parts, north and south regions , the Republic of effective domination of the island 59% area , compared with 37% in the northern Turkish occupied and claimed to be the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus , which only Turkey is currently a political entity of a State recognized. Cyprus on May 1, 2004 became one of the EU Member States . Currently a member of the Commonwealth . Because Cyprus belongs to Asia in the territory boundaries , so the various committees or organizations in Asia 's share is relatively more

The eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus . Choke Asia, Africa , Europe three continents maritime traffic hub , the third largest island in the Mediterranean coastline of 537 kilometers. Narrow northern mountains, hilly ; southwestern mountains, higher ground ; fertile central plains of the United States salia . The island impermanence river , only a few intermittent river. Subtropical Mediterranean climate , hot and dry summer , the average temperature of 28 ~ 35 ℃, winter is mild and humid , the air

Narrow coastal plain on the south of Limassol in the picturesque population of about 15 million people, is the island 's second largest city , the biggest and most important trade port , commercial and tourist city. Limassol many monuments , From the Neolithic period to the ancient ruins of Roman state , from a medieval castle to the church of the Byzantine period , reflecting the historical changes of Cyprus . Mountain villages rich wine , wine stopper famous Commandaria that produced here .
Every summer the local and visiting theater troupes have performed in Kourion Roman ancient Greek drama, Shakespeare's drama and modern theater performances , has become an important part of the cultural life of the island . Spring , hospitality, uninhibited temperament Limassol who held the traditional annual carnival parade , which lasted a week and held a grand wine festival in September , the Quartet welcomed the guests .

Partial island located in the southeast coastal Larnaca , nearly 40 kilometers from the capital Nicosia , a population of about 11 million people, is the third largest island , the island's second largest port , plug the major international airports and cruise ship terminal . Next to the harbor promenade and the swimming area is surrounded by palm trees , road side by the city , gathered with local characteristics of the various craft shops , clothing stores and restaurants , cafes , where you can shop , stroll and enjoy the seaside scenery, swim and rest. In the end of the promenade medieval museum , which is housed in a 17th -century fortress . Walking is the center of the city of Saint Lazarus church from the fort to the north . This church is considered one of the most precious cultural heritage Larnaca and Cyprus. Larnaca has a lot of historical and cultural landscape and many historical sites, nearby is a 18th-century aqueduct and two stunning Museum - Larnaca Regional Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Fund . There are two museums in the Mediterranean region are collected art treasures . Not far from the international airport is stuffed famous salt lakes, the annual winter and spring, flocks of flamingos to this habitat, very like concept, Larnaca is stuffed famous tourist attraction.

Ayia Napa is located in the southeast coast of Cyprus , south of the. Ayia Napa has the best Gold Coast island and sea tourism facilities , clear waters and beautiful as a dream of the night , so that became Ayia Napa resort in Cyprus . From May to October each year is the time to Ayia Napa 's most prosperous and busy , tourists clouds, tourism services, hotels , shops , cafes and other showed a thriving scene .

Cyprus is one of the tourist destination on the Mediterranean Sea , the world's top vacation paradise. Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the island's plains and valleys,

Embedded in the golden beaches surrounding the island , with the majestic peaks of Olympus Mediterranean common interpretation of a unique charm picture. Coastline, golden beaches, crystal clear waters of Cyprus stretches of what nature's charm lies.

Cyprus is a natural sandy beach for swimming and sunbathing resort. Far Karpas peninsula , on the waterfront can watch the exotic fish. Between July and August of each year, a large number of turtles flock to the cold North Cyprus beaches . Because this is the last piece of the Mediterranean coast where sea turtles lay their eggs available . 25% of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean green turtle breeding beaches in Northern Cyprus .

Cyprus mountain scenery , plants everywhere. Where you can visit the wild sheep reserved area . In this piece of fertile land , but also the growth of a large number of Mediterranean coast fruits : olives, grapes, melon , watermelon , orange, grapefruit and citrus as well as a variety of fresh vegetables. From the forest -covered mountains to fertile land fields , like a close-up landscape.

Cyprus finance, insurance , services, and tourism is more developed . Focus on the development of the tourism industry is characterized holiday , since 2010 the country became a major source of foreign exchange earnings and stimulate economic growth pillar industries.

In this small but wealthy island , and the people is very simple . Cypriots sociable , honest and generous others , passion , do not pay attention to red tape , as long as you said good intentions , then hit it off , do not have too much humility, otherwise it will cause other unpleasant. Under normal circumstances, the regular meeting of the first meeting or gently shake hands, sometimes supplemented nod to show a friendly gesture , but the long-awaited reunion of relatives and friends often shake hands and hug ceremony. Cypriots invite you to dinner , if there is no particular reason it is best not refuse. The island has a saying : Coffee not cool to leave , to be rude.

Cypriot nationals favorite blue, light blue, black, white, yellow and other colors ; Easter is the biggest religious festival , the degree of people's attention more than Christmas. In the 40 days before Easter vegetarian , but most people have only a token vegetarian every Friday ; everyday life, like eating barbecue ( barbecue , grilled fish ) , holiday hiking, hunting, picnics and other outdoor activities . Barbecue catering mostly dominated ; meal is often used in a fruit , peel , etc. After the sugar , honey, candied sweet pickled half entertaining , and everyone will be making this dessert , but the city still made ??less. Cypriots also like to drink coffee, mostly cafe is open all day .

Cyprus main and most popular art of music and dance , a lot of the songs have been preserved many ancient Greek original form. At the wedding party, vivid and powerful men jump , women's movements gentle and delicate. Turkish Cypriots dance more common , " Karshi Rama diss " Dancing household . Whether its dance or movement , reflects the Turkish dance style . However , in the narrative Sycamore , but also has a strong Greek colors.

Cyprus holidays more, there is a national , but also the Greek-Turkish ethnic groups . As New Year's Day is a national holiday in common . Epiphany on January 6 every year is the Greek people 's festival , this day, the farmers put on the table filled with bowls of water and seed tray , please priests chanting , and then put the seeds wrapped up, to sow when re- seed into the ground , believing it available harvest. Flashover Festival June 23, the tribe is also Greek festival , people in the yard at night lit bonfires, dancing barefoot , while skipping the fire while singing: . " Get out fleas , bedbugs finished , St. John disperse kill the pests ' legend St. John the Evangelist fire and light that can flash over section Quxie misfortunes , died at peace. Turks believe in Islam , so by Fitr and Id al-Adha Muharram there and so on. In addition, some local festivals, such as法马古斯特citrus festival , Limassol Carnival and Wine Festival, Paphos Flower Festival.

Cyprus, there are between 320-340 days a year are sunny , sunshine, fruits, vegetables can be harvested year-round . Coupled with the island , rich in seafood . Alien rule between the years 3000 and businessmen from all over the world come to bring a different cooking techniques , after drawing the flavor of Greece , Turkey, Albania , Lebanon , Syria, Italy, France, Britain and the rest of the Cypriots to create a its own unique food culture.

In Cyprus, expensive fish than meat , so seafood than meat packages Package price is high, but the price difference between the two , the more the more fresh fish instructions for use . General course before they can be more than two points .

It is suitable for the most famous wine cheese with goat's milk cheese made ??with soft and hard two , salt to taste great, but taste good . The most popular approach is baked on a mesh containers . There are also sheep milk cheese or milk production , mostly in the village shop and processed.

Cyprus coffee in three : one is filter coffee , which put the beans in a plastic strainer, then placed on a coffee cup , his red hot ; kind is common instant coffee, a packet of coffee powder he washed with hot water ; there is also a good punch was served coffee and water together , shades can regulate their own .

Cypriot daily eat black bread , olives and sour cream , and sometimes extra cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers , olive oil and spices mainly spices , meat only on Sundays , holidays and banquets only . Banquet dinner when there is a special name: " Maizi " , there have been two or three dishes . Wine and coffee drinks are common people of Cyprus .




部分岛屿位于东南沿海拉纳卡,距首都尼科西亚,约11万人口,近40公里,是世界第三大岛,岛上的第二大港口,堵塞主要的国际机场和游船码头。旁边的海港大道和游泳区周围是棕榈树,路边的城市,聚集了各种工艺品店的地方特色,服装店和餐馆,咖啡馆,在那里你可以购物,散步,欣赏海滨风光,游泳和休息。在长廊的中世纪博物馆,它坐落在一座17-century要塞的结束。步行是城市的圣拉匝禄堂,从堡垒到北部的中心。这座教堂被认为是最珍贵的文化遗产拉纳卡和塞浦路斯之一。拉纳卡拥有大量的历史人文景观和众多的历史遗址,附近是一个18世纪的导水管和两个迷人的博物馆 - 拉纳卡地区考古博物馆和皮埃里德斯基金的博物馆。有在地中海地区的两个博物馆,收集艺术珍品。不远处的国际机场酿著名的盐湖,每年冬春季,火烈鸟成群来此栖息,非常喜欢的概念,拉纳卡是酿著名的旅游胜地。





塞浦路斯山区风光,植物随处可见。在这里你可以参观野羊保留区。在这片肥沃的土地,也有大量地中海沿岸水果的生长:橄榄,葡萄,甜瓜,西瓜,橙子,柚子和柑橘,以及各种新鲜蔬菜。从森林 - 覆盖山区土地肥沃领域,如特写景观。





塞浦路斯假期多了,有一个国家,同时也是希腊和土耳其民族。由于元旦是一个共同的国定假日。主显节在每年1月6日是希腊人民的节日,这一天,农民放在桌子上充满了水和种子托盘的碗,请道士诵经,然后把包裹起来的种子,播种时种子重入地,认为这样可收获。跳火节6月23日,部落也是希腊的节日,人们在院子里,晚上点起篝火,跳舞赤脚,同时跳过火边唱:。 “出去跳蚤,臭虫完成后,圣约翰驱散杀灭害虫”的传说圣约翰福音火灾和光可跳火节祛邪消灾,和平死了。土耳其人信奉伊斯兰教,因此受到开斋节和古尔邦节回历有等。此外,还有一些当地的节日,如法马古斯特柑桔节,利马索尔狂欢节和葡萄酒节,帕福斯的花节。







First, the rich history and culture. Cyprus nine thousand years of civilization can be traced back to BC, when the island of Cyprus has had human life. 2000 BC, the Greeks came to the influx of the island, Greek civilization, so that Greek Cyprus has a distinct cultural identity. In the long historical process, the various cultures you into me out, you come to me, so that Cyprus Greek culture dominated formed a multicultural island cultural identity. Rich history and culture, so that although the island is just over 9000 square kilometers of land, but the monuments abound, ancient villages, towns, temples, theaters, sports arenas, palaces, tombs, castles, columns, mosaics everywhere. Only UNESCO World Heritage List have three.

Wonderful myths and culture. The most famous myth is linked with Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty Venus together. Later, the Romans Venus is from the name, the Greek name is Aphrodite. Mythology, Venus is the Lord God of Zeus and god of Oak Yonhap Dione born daughter of Oceanus, was one of the twelve Olympus Lord God.

Magnificent ruins culture. Cyprus cultural sites abound. Some sites have a strong cultural continuity, such as Coulomb ancient theater, built in the 2nd century BC, was destroyed in AD 77 earthquake in AD 98 to 117 years of reconstruction, has been used to this day. Now, every summer, local and visiting theater troupes have performed in this ancient Greek tragicomedy, Shakespeare and modern repertory theater performances. Some sites have a strong cultural integrity, such as next to the Coulomb ancient theater, there is a five-century noble residence built Roman ruins. This has several hundred square meters of the site, is a very complete bathroom noble ruins, you can see a more complete then existing wells up and down, up and down the earthen pipes and hot and cold water pipes, there is a special sauna, spa pool, lounge, with fine mosaic floor, showing the time scale of the nobility and luxury bathroom.

Deep religious culture. The main religion is Orthodox Church of Cyprus and Islam. The main Greek Orthodox, Turkish Cypriots mainly Muslim, Orthodox Church and Islam mosque adjacent to the sea, even at different times been transformed into different religious places

Distant manufacturing process culture. Modern archaeological discoveries, there are two products originated in Cyprus. First wine. Archaeological discoveries, wine as early as 5,500 years ago in Cyprus produced. It is said that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs had very fond of drinking wine in Cyprus. French viticulture techniques imported from Cyprus. Second, the perfume. 2003 at a site in Cyprus, found a place for the manufacture of perfume and the world's oldest perfumes 4,000 years ago, making perfume essences are produced locally grown plants since Cyprus.

Intoxicating cultural tourism. Cyprus has a unique tourism resources. There are bright sun, blue sea, the natural simplicity of rural, archaic strong town, hospitable residents, as well as well-equipped hotels and tourist facilities. Cyprus is a natural sandy beach for swimming and sunbathing resort. Continental Europe has a lot of people come each year to Cyprus tourist resort, especially fond of the Russians in Cyprus.





悠远的制造工艺文化。从现代考古发现中,有两种产品最早在塞浦路斯产生。一是葡萄酒。考古发现,葡萄酒最早于5500年前是在塞浦路斯生产的。据说,古代埃及法老就曾非常喜欢喝塞浦路斯的葡萄酒。法国的葡萄种植技术是从塞浦路斯引进的。二是香水。 2003年在塞浦路斯一个遗址中,发现了4000年前制造香水的场所以及世界上最古老的香水,制作香水的香精都是产自塞浦路斯本地生长的植物。



The island's geographical location in which to decide the important role it played in the history of the world, but also doomed its unfortunate. The island has embarked on a land Asians, Persians, Phoenicians, Venetians footprint, but also suffering from Rome, Macedonia, Byzantine and other ravages of imperialism. However, at the same time, the invasion and occupation of people of all ethnic groups, but also integrate a variety of cultures, leaving a rich legacy. Temple of Apollo, temples, Roman villas and tombs of kings, the island's ancient architecture is really endless

Establish early 14th century St. Nicholas Cathedral stands as yet fully there, its Venetian castle and the winged lion, from time to time cause visitors marveling. Built by 15th-century Venetian fortresses strong, is still like an insurmountable barrier; built in the 14th century St. Sofia cathedral is precious Gothic architecture. Island tour, Everywhere you can see relics of history: ancient villages, towns, temples, theaters, sports arenas, palaces, tombs, columns, forts and siege ...... islanders proudly say: "Ancient Civilization intangible heritage in almost every aspect can be found in every corner of the island. "Cyprus itself throughout the Middle East and Europe, History Museum, its existing artifacts and a steady stream of new archaeological discoveries, so fascinated scholars worldwide.

In the southernmost island of Cyprus Curry Weng, holds the 8th century BC, built the Temple of Apollo ruins. The strange thing is a temple dedicated to the bare stone, engraved above nothing. Explore its causes, reportedly because Apollo is really immaculate shape, mortal is not the glorious image of the sculpture to protect God's Dion Curry.

Curry Dion is one of the important city of ancient Cyprus, is a cultural center in Roman times. Curry Weng Roman amphitheater built in the second century BC, the ancient Greek theater initially, small, destroyed by an earthquake in AD 77, after two centuries rebuilt, which can accommodate 3,500 people at that time. When three centuries, it became the Colosseum, hut still stands below about animals. Site was first discovered in 1873, the mid-1930s began a systematic excavation. Every summer, there must be ancient Greek drama, Shakespeare's drama and modern theater performances.

Air gateway Larnaca in Cyprus, Greece holds the 13th century BC Mycenaean ruins Kitty Weng. 9th century BC by the Phoenicians and Egyptians attack destroyed, and later after the invasion of fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and finally left five temple ruins and stone walls. In Larnaca Museum, a collection of very Duoji Di Weng relics and Roman times, Neolithic relics.

Located in downtown Larnaca road is considered one of the church's most precious cultural heritage of Larnaca and Cyprus. It is said that Lazarus saved by Christ after Israel, came to Cyprus, where more than 30 years as a bishop, died and they were buried in Road church. His underground tombs preserved quite complete, to underground visit. In addition, the church has preserved many precious religious portraits.

Ayia Napa was originally a small fishing village, is now a famous resort in Cyprus. Ayia Napa station to the north, is the Ayia Napa Monastery. Legend of the 16th century, a hunter cave through here, and found in possession of the portrait of the Virgin Mary, so he built a monastery. At the time, all around the forest, so he named "forest lady." Later, there has repeatedly been expanded and renovated, now replaced by a large part of a conference center and a coffee bar.




库里翁是古塞浦路斯的重要城邦之一,在罗马时期是文化重镇。库里翁古罗马露天剧场始建于公元前二世纪,最初为古希腊剧场,规模不大,公元77年毁于地震,2世纪重修后,当时可容纳3500人。 3世纪时,这里成为斗兽场,看台的下面至今仍有关动物的小屋。遗址首次发现于1873年,上世纪30年代中期开始系统发掘。每年夏天,这里都要进行古希腊剧、莎翁剧及现代戏剧的演出。





Metropolitan Museum of Art (English: Metropolitan Museum of Art) is located next to New York City, New York, Central Park, is one of the world's largest art museums. Main building area of ​​about eight hectares, an exhibition area of ​​over 20 hectares. Collection of more than two million works of art, the museum is divided into nineteen museum department. Main building is often referred to as "the Met." In addition to the main hall, there is located on Manhattan's Upper Town Farnborough monastery Cui second branch. Where the main exhibit of medieval art.

Among the permanent art collection, including many outstanding classical art, ancient Egyptian art, almost all European master paintings and a large number of American visual art and modern art. The museum also has a large collection of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Byzantine and Islamic art. [3] The museum is also the world's musical instruments, clothing, accessories, weapons, armor, large pools. Mimic the style of the museum's interior design in different historical periods, extending from one century to the modern American Roman style.

Metropolitan Museum of Art building initiated by a group of American citizens in 1870. At that time the promoters including businessman, financier, excellent artists and thinkers. They expect the museum can give information about the influence of American citizens of Art and Art Education. [6] Finally, the Metropolitan Museum of Art on February 20, 1872 opening, when the museum is located on Fifth Avenue, No. 681.

In 2007, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been nearly a quarter of a mile long and covers an area of ​​two million square feet, is two times the size of the original museum.

大都会艺术博物馆(英语:Metropolitan Museum of Art)位于美国纽约州纽约市中央公园旁,是世界上最大的艺术博物馆之一。主建筑物面积约有8公顷,展出面积有20多公顷。馆藏超过二百万件艺术品,整个博物馆被划分为十九个馆部。主建筑物通常被简称为「the Met」。除了主馆外,还有位于曼哈顿上城区崔恩堡修道院的第二分馆。那里主要展出中世纪的艺术品。

在众多永久艺术收藏品中,包括许多出众的古典艺术品、古埃及艺术品、几乎所有欧洲大师的油画及大量美国视觉艺术和现代艺术作品。博物馆还收藏有大量的非洲、亚洲、大洋洲、拜占庭和伊斯兰艺术品。 [3]博物馆同时也是世界乐器、服装、饰物、武器、盔甲的大总汇。博物馆的室内设计模仿不同历史时期的风格,从1世纪的罗马风格延续至现代美国。

大都会艺术博物馆由一群美国公民于1870年发起构建。当时的发起人包括了商人、理财家、卓越的艺术家与思想家。他们期望博物馆能够给予美国公民有关艺术与艺术教育的熏陶。 [6]最后大都会艺术博物馆于1872年2月20日开幕,当时的博物馆位于第五大道681号。



Cyprus has 320-340 days of the year is sunny, sunshine, fruit and vegetables can be harvested year-round. Coupled with the island, rich in seafood. After years of alien rule between 3000 and businessmen from all over the world come to bring different cooking techniques, learning the flavor of Greece, Turkey, Albania, Lebanon, Syria, Italy, France, Britain and other parts of Cypress he died to create their own unique food culture.

Almost every hotel and restaurant has a package, the package is generally composed by 15-20 vegetables, about 5-7.5 Cyprus pounds, delicious and quantity, the whole family is Cyprus traditional flavor. Package seafood and meat packages two kinds of packages, seafood package includes fish, shrimp, crab, squid and other seafood for raw meal, meat grilled sausage and ribs packages mainly places, in addition to fresh vegetables and olive oil-based countryside packages, as well as between the two or three circles in mixed packages.

In Cyprus, expensive fish than meat, so seafood than meat packages Package price is high, but the price difference between the two, the more shows the use of fresh fish. General packages can point to two or more.

The most famous is made ​​with goat's milk cheese, soft, hard two, salt to taste great, but the taste is very good. The most popular approach is baked on a mesh containers. There are also sheep milk or milk production of cheese, mostly in the village shop and processed.

The most famous is called Sujouko brown lollipops, materials are almonds and grape juice. Same thing with the squid will do the core strung together almonds, flour and grape juice is then repeated in the modulation of the liquid in the sticky paste. Flexible, but also the sweetness of grape juice and almond flavor. Another popular dessert called "lady fingers", shaped like a woman's finger.

Cyprus coffee divided into three types: one is the filter coffee, which put the beans in a strainer made ​​of plastic, and then placed on the coffee cup, his red hot; one is common instant coffee, a packet of coffee powder he washed with hot water; there is a punch was served on good coffee and water together, shades can regulate their own.

塞普勒斯一年之中有320-340天是晴天,日照充足,水果、蔬菜等常年可以收获。再加上是岛国,海产丰富。 3000多年间的外族统治以及从世界各地前来的商人带来了不同的烹调技术,在吸取了希腊、土耳其、阿尔巴尼亚、黎巴嫩、叙利亚、义大利、法国、英国等各地的风味之后,塞普勒斯人创造出自己独特的饮食文化。







From northern Cyprus to enter, you can use Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Turkey, and other cities have direct Dar Fuke eastern Valencia airport's flight; or departure from the Turkish Mediterranean coast ports, but also has direct access to the northern port of Cyprus ships.

Every September grape harvest, Laimaisuosi city must hold a grand wine festival. Tourists and islanders came together grape plantations, while tasting new wines do, while singing and dancing to celebrate the grape harvest. Here the unique climate, there are 320-340 days a year are sunny, full of sunshine, grape sweetness is particularly high. Viticultural history of the island seems to be older than Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Mesopotamia, the growth of the world's oldest grape varieties. Its winemaking history is very long in the 9th century BC, unearthed painted clay pots on a woman is drinking wine, as well as records of winemaking year. It is said that Cyprus is the birthplace of wine, grapes are also French transplant to go from here.

Cyprus to enjoy the sun, sand, blue sky, blue sea, exploring the north-south dividing line in Cyprus, Cypriot north and south to visit the war dead, and the kingdom myth "Eros Island", the ancient Greek myth of love and beauty of God (Venus) of the birth of the Holy Land, had been proudly called "Eros Island", that is the third largest island in the Mediterranean --- Cyprus. Greek beauty God - Afuluodai Ti (Aphrodite) more people are familiar with is her alias when the Roman Empire "Venus." She is the most beautiful goddess of one, and it was the artist describes as the most a quarter of an hour. Romans 'Venus' as 'Eros', and called the mother nation, because the Romans believed, the majestic city of Rome was created by Afuluodai Ti descent.

Cyprus is one of the resorts on the Mediterranean Sea, the world's top vacation paradise. Clear blue waters surrounding the island's plains and valleys, golden beaches set in the islands around the majestic peaks of Olympus, a common interpretation of the unique charm of the Mediterranean picture. Coastline, golden beaches, crystal clear waters of Cyprus stretches of nature's charm lies precisely.



享受塞浦路斯阳光、沙滩、蓝天、碧海,游览南北塞浦路斯分界线,参观南北塞战争遗, 国度神话“爱神之岛”, 古希腊神话中的爱与美神阿芙洛蒂特(维纳斯)的诞生圣地,被人们骄傲地称为“爱神之岛”,那就是地中海的第三大岛屿———塞浦路斯。希腊美神—阿芙萝黛缇(Aphrodite)较为人熟悉的是她在罗马帝国时的别名“维纳斯”。她是众女神中最美的一位,也是被艺术家描写刻钟为最多的一位。罗马人把“维纳斯”视为'爱神',并称之为民族之母,因为罗马人相信,雄伟的罗马城是由阿芙萝黛缇的后裔所建立。