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Land area: 11,672 sq mi (30,230 sq km); total area: 11,787 sq mi (30,528 sq km)

Population (2014 est.): 10,449,361 (growth rate: 0.05%); birth rate: 9.99/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.18/1000; life expectancy: 79.92

Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Brussels, 1.949 million

Other large city: Antwerp 959,000 (2011)

Monetary unit: Euro (formerly Belgian franc)

土地面積:11,672平方英里(30,230平方公里); 總面積:11,787平方英里(30,528平方公里)

人口(2014年度):10449361人(增長率:0.05%); 出生率:9.99 / 1000; 嬰兒死亡率:4.18 / 1000; 預期壽命:79.92




Belgium (BELGIUM)

Area: 30,000 square kilometers

Population: 10.4 million

Capital: Brussels (BRUSSELS)

National Day : July 21

Official Language: Dutch language, French

Belgium is the European country with the largest country in the holidays , a total of 11 days of statutory holidays per year. In the world 's diamond production , Belgium occupies 70 %. Belgium is the largest export countries in Europe .

Major cities and tourist attraction

Brussels has called the most beautiful main square in Europe (G rand P lace) is close to the best shopping streets and restaurants , Europe's oldest shopping street (Galeries St. Hubert) is also here .

The square there are the world-famous " Manneken Pis " the statue (Manneken Pis), has a majority of the European model of the famous attractions "little Europe " park (Mini Europe) is also located in Brussels.

Brussels public 's favorite resting place . The city of San Michele church and palace buildings are splendid spectacular fourteenth century palace built (Grand Palace) near Brussels Park , the Royal Guard stationed there , and now as foreign guests use.

Tourists love to visit the museum there are many choices in Brussels , the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de BELGIUM), the Belgian Royal Museum of History and Art (Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire), Brussels City Transportation Museum (Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois)

There are two spots on the outskirts quite impressive : " First, the atomic model of the northern outskirts of urban areas (Atomium), located in the founding of Centennial Park , the model of an iron molecule enlarged to two billion times the size of the building , from the hob and nine big aluminum ball combination in which the eight ball is the Science Museum ,

is the observation deck and restaurant central sphere , the light shining in the night like a UFO atomic model , is a surreal modern architecture . two the southern suburbs of the world-famous ancient battlefield of Waterloo (Waterloo), have a good command of several monuments and relics on here for people to pay homage to the ancient battlefield , like the original style of the lion hill (La Butte du Lion), former there were one hundred and forty thousand sergeant in this battle, thirty-nine thousand soldiers who died here , come here one can imagine the fierce fighting of the day.

Bruges (B rugge) is also translated as " Brugge " is a famous tourist city in Belgium , in the town square , historical monuments abound. Built in the year 1376 in the City Hall , is the oldest town hall in Belgium . Not far away , there are several Renaissance legacy of ancient churches , its shape Gothic , Baroque , Byzantine , quite spectacular.

If you want to pursue quality of life , we must look to Belgium . Belgium is the country with the highest quality of life worldwide .

Belgium has a rich food , housing benefits, health benefits , medical benefits , education and facilities , high production efficiency,Belgium one -tenth of importance to the family .Into Belgium, you can see a lot of art nouveau buildings , such as the majestic Gothic cathedral , the Royal Square, the magnificent Grand Place Brussels .There are a lot of great architects , designers, jewelry boxes, Austrian architect , painter, French architects .

Belgians like to eat dessert , waffles and french fries , as well as fruity beer. In addition, Belgium 's most rich more than five hundred kinds of beer , really amazing !To love life taste famous Belgians , Belgian food culture has been little impact on French cuisine . Kingdom of Belgium is food in Europe after France , the most famous in all kinds of seafood and shellfish . Its rich mussel , mast tastes good in a variety of ways to cook steamed shellfish wine tasting its delicious flavor best . Belgium has a good variety of dishes in Flanders to forty species of fish can be caught .

Also be sure to taste to the Belgian Flemish style Lusheng , Brabant formula pheasant , chicken Ghent , Belgium endive cheese crumbs and baked dish loved by the people . Chervil stewed fish meal , Ardennes plum sauce rabbit, venison and cranberries .

Many dishes add beer during cooking. Belgian abbey beer beverage invention . There are more than 300 categories, colorful , people open the appetite. When the Belgians like to add a piece of cheese, beer tasting (Belgium there are 85 kinds of cheese ) .

Belgians like food , there are a variety of hotels, from the most luxurious to the most ordinary, everything. You have time to enjoy traditional Belgian local dishes. In addition to French , you can also enjoy the best Belgian specialties . Whether it is still in the hotel , the Belgians are not preserved in the house serving French-style program : After the first cold entrees , main course, cheese or dessert . Steak of course, essential , coupled with a variety of sauces : Eggs butter sauce, mustard sauce , Provencal sauce , goat cheese sauce, typical Belgian cuisine cooking methods and principles of the French far behind.

People who like to eat dessert can taste a variety of cakes, Belgian waffles and has about 400 kinds of unique flavors of chocolate , chocolate almond flavors represented. Many dishes add beer during cooking. Belgium NPC drink is beer, gin . As a famous Belgian chocolate and Swiss chocolate specialties .







bǐ lì shí
比 利 時 (BELGIUM)

miàn jī : 3 0 , 0 0 0 píng fāng gōng lǐ
面 積: 30,000 平 方 公 里

rén kǒu : 1 , 0 4 0 wàn
人 口: 1,040 萬

shǒu dū : bù lǔ sāi ěr
首 都: 布 魯 塞 爾 (BRUSSELS)

guó qìng rì : 7 yuè 2 1 rì
國 慶 日 : 7月21日

guān fāng yǔ yán : hé lán yǔ ﹐ fǎ yǔ
官 方 語 言: 荷 蘭 語 ﹐法 語

bǐ lì shí shì ōu zhōu guó jiā zhōng jié jià rì zuì duō de guó jiā ﹐ měi nián gòng yǒu 1 1 tiān fǎ dìng jié jià rì 。 zài quán shì jiè de zuān shí chǎn liàng zhōng ﹐ bǐ lì shí zhàn yǒu 7 0 % 。 bǐ lì shí shì chǎn pǐn chū kǒu liàng zuì dà de ōu zhōu guó jiā 。
比 利 時 是 歐 洲 國 家 中 節 假 日 最 多 的 國 家 ﹐ 每 年 共 有 1 1 天 法 定 節 假 日 。 在 全 世 界 的 鑽 石 產 量 中 ﹐ 比 利 時 佔 有 7 0 % 。 比 利 時 是 產 品 出 口 量 最 大 的 歐 洲 國 家 。

zhǔ yào lǚ yóu chéng shì hé jǐng diǎn
主 要 旅 遊 城 市 和 景 點

bù lǔ sāi ěr yōng yǒu hào chēng quán ōu zuì měi lì de dà guǎng chǎng ( G r a n d P l a c e ) fù jìn jìn shì gòu wù jiē jí cān tīng , ōu zhōu zuì gǔ lǎo de gòu wù jiē ( G a l e r i e s S t . H u b e r t ) yě zài cǐ de 。 guǎng chǎng shàng hái yǒu shì jiè wén míng de 「 niào niào xiǎo tóng 」 tóng xiàng ( M a n n e k e n P i s ) , yōng yǒu dà bù fèn ōu zhōu zhù míng jǐng diǎn mó xíng de “ xiǎo ōu zhōu ” gōng yuán ( M i n i E u r o p e ) yě zuò luò zài bù lǔ sāi ěr 。 bù lǔ sāi ěr shì mín zuì xǐ ài de xiū qì chǎng suǒ 。 shì qū de shèng mǐ xiē ěr jiào táng jí wáng gōng jiàn zhù yì fù lì zhuàng guān , shí sì shì jì suǒ jiàn de wáng gōng ( G r a n d P a l a c e ) zài bù lǔ sāi ěr gōng yuán de fù jìn , zhù yǒu huáng jiā wèi duì , xiàn zài zuò wéi jiē dài wài bīn zhī yòng 。 xǐ huan cān guān bó wù guǎn de yóu kè zài bù lǔ sāi ěr yǒu hěn duō xuǎn zé , bǐ lì shí huáng jiā měi shù bó wù guǎn ( M u s é e s R o y a u x d e s B e a u x - A r t s d e B E L G I U M ) , bǐ lì shí huáng jiā lì shǐ yì shù bó wù guǎn ( M u s é e s R o y a u x d ' A r t e t d ' H i s t o i r e ) , bù lǔ sāi ěr chéng shì jiāo tōng bó wù guǎn ( M u s é e d u T r a n s p o r t U r b a i n B r u x e l l o i s )
布 魯 塞 爾 擁 有 號 稱 全 歐 最 美 麗 的 大 廣 場 ( G r a n d P l a c e) 附 近 盡 是 購 物 街 及 餐 廳 , 歐 洲 最 古 老 的 購 物 街 ( Galeries St. Hubert) 也 在 此 地 。 廣 場 上 還 有 世 界 聞 名 的 「尿 尿 小 童 」 銅 像 (Manneken Pis) , 擁 有 大 部 份 歐 洲 著 名 景 點 模 型 的 “ 小 歐 洲 ” 公 園(Mini Europe)也 座 落 在 布 魯 塞 爾 。 布 魯 塞 爾 市 民 最 喜 愛 的 休 憩 場 所。市區 的 聖 米 歇 爾 教 堂 及 王 宮 建 築 亦 富 麗 壯 觀 , 十 四 世 紀 所 建 的 王 宮 (Grand Palace) 在 布 魯 塞 爾 公 園 的 附 近,駐 有 皇 家 衛 隊,現 在 作 為 接 待 外 賓 之 用。喜 歡 參 觀 博 物 館 的 遊 客 在 布 魯 塞 爾 有 很 多 選 擇 ,比 利 時 皇 家 美 術 博 物 館(Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de BELGIUM ),比利 時 皇 家 歷 史 藝 術 博 物 館(Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire),布 魯 塞 爾 城 市 交 通 博 物 館 (Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois)

shì jiāo yǒu liǎng gè jǐng diǎn pō yǒu kě guān : yí shì shì qū běi jiāo de 「 yuán zǐ mó xíng ( A t o m i u m ) , wèi yú jiàn guó bǎi nián jì niàn gōng yuán zhōng , jiāng yí gè tiě fēn zǐ mó xíng fàng dà wèi liǎng qiān yì bèi dà de jiàn zhù wù , yóu tiě jià hé jiǔ gè lǚ zhì de dà yuán qiú zǔ hé ér chéng 。 qí zhōng bā gè yuán qiú shì kē xué guǎn , zhōng yāng yuán qiú shì liǎo wàng tái jiān cān tīng , zài hēi yè lǐ guāng máng yào yǎn de yuán zǐ mó xíng xiàng gè yōu fú , shì gè chāo xiàn shí de xiàn dài huà jiàn zhù 。 èr shì nán jiāo de jǔ shì wén míng de huá tiě lú gǔ zhàn chǎng ( W a t e r l o o ) , cǐ chù gǔ zhàn chǎng shàng yǒu hǎo jǐ zuò jì niàn bēi jí sī lìng bù de yí jì gōng rén píng diào , fù jìn jīn rì yí piàn níng jìng tián yuán fēng mào de shī zi xiàng shān qiū ( L a B u t t e d u L i o n ) , xī rì céng yǒu shí sì wàn jūn shì zài cǐ jī zhàn , sān wàn jiǔ qiān zhàn shì yú cǐ juān qū , lái cǐ kě yǐ yáo xiǎng dāng rì de jī liè zhàn kuàng 。
市 郊 有 兩 個 景 點 頗 有 可 觀 : 一 是 市 區 北 郊 的 「 原 子 模 型 (Atomium) ,位 於 建 國 百 年 紀 念 公 園 中 , 將 一 個 鐵 分 子 模 型 放 大 為 兩 千 億 倍 大 的 建 築 物 , 由 鐵 架 和 九 個 鋁 制 的 大 圓 球 組 合 而 成 。 其 中 八 個 圓 球 是 科 學 館 , 中 央 圓 球 是 瞭 望 臺 兼 餐 廳 , 在 黑 夜 裡 光 芒 耀 眼 的 原 子 模 型 像 個 幽 浮 , 是 個 超 現 實 的 現 代 化 建 築 。 二 是 南 郊 的 舉 世 聞 名 的 滑 鐵 盧 古 戰 場 (Waterloo) ,此 處 古 戰 場 上 有 好 幾 座 紀 念 碑 及 司 令 部 的 遺 跡 供 人 憑 吊 , 附 近 今 日 一 片 寧 靜 田 原 風 貌 的 獅 子 像 山丘 (La Butte du Lion) ,昔 日 曾 有 十 四 萬 軍 士 在 此 激 戰 , 三 萬 九 千 戰 士 於 此 捐 軀 , 來 此 可 以 遙 想 當 日 的 激 烈 戰 況 。

bù lǔ rì ( B r u g g e ) yě yì zuò “ bù lǚ hè ” shì bǐ lì shí zhù míng de lǚ yóu chéng shì , zài shì zhōng xīn guǎng chǎng , lì shǐ gǔ jì bǐ bǐ jiē shì 。 jiàn yú gōng yuán 1 3 7 6 nián de shì zhèng tīng , shì bǐ lì shí zuì gǔ lǎo de shì zhèng tīng 。 bù yuǎn chù , hái yǒu jǐ zuò wén yì fù xīng shí qī yí liú xià lái de gǔ lǎo jiào táng , qí wài xíng yǒu gē tè shì 、 bā luó kè shì 、 bài zhàn tíng shì , pō wèi zhuàng guān 。
布 魯 日 ( B r u g g e ) 也 譯 作 “ 布 呂 赫 ” 是 比 利 時 著 名 的 旅 遊 城 市 , 在 市 中 心 廣 場 , 歷 史 古 蹟 比 比 皆 是 。 建 於 公 元 1 3 7 6 年 的 市 政 廳 , 是 比 利 時 最 古 老 的 市 政 廳 。 不 遠 處 , 還 有 幾 座 文 藝 復 興 時 期 遺 留 下 來 的 古 老 教 堂 , 其 外 形 有 哥 特 式 、 巴 羅 克 式 、 拜 佔 庭 式 , 頗 為 壯 觀。

rú guǒ xiǎng zhuī qiú shēng huó de zhì sù , yí dìng yào dào bǐ lì shí kàn kan 。 bǐ lì shí shì quán qiú shēng huó zhì sù zuì gāo de guó jiā 。
如 果 想 追 求 生 活 的 質 素 , 一 定 要 到 比 利 時 看 看 。 比 利 時 是 全 球 生 活 質 素 最 高 的 國 家。

bǐ lì shí yōng yǒu fēng fù de měi shí 、 fáng wū fú lì 、 jiàn kāng fú lì 、 yī liáo fú lì 、 jiào yù jí shè shī 、 gāo shēng chǎn xiào lǜ 、
比 利 時 擁 有 豐 富 的 美 食 、 房 屋 福 利 、 健 康 福 利 、 醫 療 福 利 、 教 育 及 設 施 、 高 生 產 效 率 、

bǐ lì shí rén shí fēn zhòng shì jiā tíng 。
比 利 時 人 十 分 重 視 家 庭 。

zǒu jìn bǐ lì shí , kě yǐ jiàn dào hěn duō xīn yì shù pài de jiàn zhù wù , rú zhuāng yán de gē dé shì dà jiào táng , huáng jiā guǎng chǎng , zhuàng lì de bù lǔ sāi dà guǎng chǎng 。
走 進 比 利 時 , 可 以 見 到 很 多 新 藝 術 派 的 建 築 物 , 如 莊 嚴 的 哥 德 式 大 教 堂 , 皇 家 廣 場 , 壯 麗 的 布 魯 塞 大 廣 場。

zhè li yǒu hěn duō wěi dà de jiàn zhù jiā 、 shè jì shī 、 zhū bǎo xiāng 、 ào de lì jiàn zhù shī 、 huà jiā 、 fǎ guó jiàn zhù shī děng 。
這 裏 有 很 多 偉 大 的 建 築 家 、 設 計 師 、 珠 寶 箱 、 奧 地 利 建 築 師 、 畫 家 、 法 國 建 築 師 等 。

bǐ lì shí rén zuì xǐ huan chī tián pǐn , wō fū jí zhá shǔ tiáo , hái yǒu guǒ wèi pí jiǔ 。 cǐ wài , bǐ lì shí zuì shèng chǎn wǔ bǎi duō zhǒng pí jiǔ , zhēn shì lìng rén tàn wèi guān zhǐ !
比 利 時 人 最 喜 歡 吃 甜 品 , 窩 夫 及 炸 薯 條 , 還 有 果 味 啤 酒 。 此 外 , 比 利 時 最 盛 產 五 百 多 種 啤 酒 , 真 是 令 人 嘆 為 觀 止!



Along the elegant streets of Europe to watch both sides of the old building, listening to this beautiful melody music, watch day and night shouting crowd, a lot of tourists longing for life in Europe. Go to Belgium where we certainly can not miss the building, and Belgium is Europe's most distinctive buildings, but also the most representative buildings. Belgium ancient architectural style unique look beautiful, often unknowingly let us indulge in among this beautiful picture. Belgian building is enjoying appreciate the vision, and understanding of the history of architecture in Belgium is a spiritual enjoyment. Let's appreciate the inner beauty of the Belgian building it.

Belgium is a European architectural style kind of building up to here with everyone Xiaobian to demystify the Belgian building. Gothic architecture, which is a class after the modified Romanesque architecture. Many Renaissance scholars in the pursuit of their ideals in the process frustrated, worried all day. So many architectural style that was influenced by culture to transform the original Romanesque-Gothic building into a new building, in fact, the architect who just want to pursue through improved architectural style of their favorite culture.

Gothic architecture found in the streets of Belgium, these tall buildings are generally relatively thin, the whole building is filled with a touch of sadness. Baroque architecture, the characteristics of this type of architecture is the dome, arches. In addition to the pursuit of architectural style finish strong outside, focusing on decorative designs, so we see Baroque architecture in general are relatively tall and majestic, magnificent. Finally, an architectural style rococo architecture, these buildings are rare in Belgium, but we can also see the occasional left rococo architecture. Engineers at the time for the court because of dissatisfaction with the rule of law, but in reality they can not resistant, so these smart people have to design architectural style way to express their inner discontent. Renaissance is a great culture of the Enlightenment in Europe, the creation of the ancient civilization of this period is immortal.

Belgium many churches are Gothic building, which is more famous Antwerp Dame one. This Notre Dame was built in the Renaissance, the most striking is the church steeple buildings, here is the unique characteristics of Gothic architecture. Simple decorations inside the church but no lack of elegance and serene atmosphere. Also known Watertown and Bruges Town Hall building is typical of Gothic architectural style. Belgium Gothic architectural style is not the most authentic Gothic architecture, but cohesion boutique building Gothic architectural culture of European countries, therefore architectural culture in Belgium and other European countries compared with superior architectural culture.






Belgians to love life taste famous Belgian food culture being a little influenced by the French cuisine. Belgium is the food kingdom in Europe after France, the most famous in all kinds of seafood and shellfish. Its rich mussel, mast tastes good, in a variety of ways to cook steamed shellfish wine tasting its delicious flavor best. Belgium has a good variety of dishes, in Flanders can capture more than forty kinds of fish. North Sea gray shrimp with tomato that has been the admiration of many a foreigner flange Durst some delicacies. Flounder A hard flat fish meat is also popular.

Cooked mussels cooked in white wine, juicy, fries fried just right, there are more than 350 kinds of beer, of which the most famous lambic and Trappist. Also be sure to taste to the Belgian Flemish style Lusheng, Brabant formula pheasant, Ghent chicken soup, Billy cheese crumbs and baked chicory dish loved by the people. Snow-dimensional dish stewed fish meal, Ardennes plum sauce rabbit, venison and cranberry.

Many dishes add beer during cooking. Belgian abbey beer beverage invention. Now there are more than 300 categories, colorful, people open appetite. When the Belgians like to add a piece of cheese tasting beer (Belgium there are 85 kinds of cheese).
Belgians like food, there are all kinds of restaurants, from the most luxurious to the most common, everything. You must enjoy traditional Belgian when local dishes.

People who like to eat dessert can taste a variety of cakes, waffles and has a unique taste of Belgium about 400 kinds of chocolate, chocolate with almond flavors represented. Many dishes add beer during cooking. Belgium NPC drink is beer, gin. As famous Belgian chocolate and Swiss chocolate specialties.


以白酒熟煮的淡菜,鲜美多汁,薯条炸得恰到好处,还有超过350 种的啤酒,其中以lambic 及Trappist最著名。来比利时还一定要品尝法兰德斯式的芦笙、布拉邦得式野鸡、根特的鸡汤、比利的干酪屑和烤苣菜深受人们喜爱。雪维菜炖膳鱼、阿登高地的梅酱兔肉、野味和越橘。



Belgium Christmas

How do they celebrate Christmas in Belgium ?

Christmas in Belgium. As in The Netherlands, children in Belgium believe that 'Sinterklaas/St. Niklaas' (Flemish) or 'Saint Nicholas' (Walloon) brings them presents on December 6th, St. Nicholas' Day. ... The visit of Sinkerlass is a separate occasion than Christmas.

Where is the Christmas market in Brussels ?

From 24 November till 31 December 2017 in the centre of Brussels. The Winter Wonders event takes place before and during the Christmas holidays, at the Grand-Place in Brussels and around the Bourse, the Place de la Monnaie, the Place Sainte-Catherine and the Marché aux Poissons.

What is the culture like in Belgium ?

Belgian culture involves both the aspects shared by all Belgians regardless of the language they speak, and the differences between the main cultural communities: the Dutch-speaking Flemish and the French-speakers Walloons. Most Belgians view their culture as an integral part of European culture.

What do they eat in Belgium ?

Outside the country, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. Though Belgium has many distinctive national dishes, many internationally popular foods like hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese are also popular in Belgium, and most of what Belgians eat is also eaten in neighbouring countries.



聖誕節在比利時。和荷蘭一樣,比利時的孩子們也相信“聖誕老人/聖。尼古拉斯(佛蘭芒)或“聖尼古拉斯”(瓦隆)在12月6日聖尼古拉斯節為他們帶來禮物。 ... Sinkerlass的訪問是一個獨立的場合比聖誕節。


2017年11月24日至12月31日在布魯塞爾市中心冬季奇觀活動發生在聖誕假期前後,在布魯塞爾的大廣場和交易所周圍,蒙德里廣場,聖凱瑟琳廣場和Marchéaux Poissons廣場。





BELGIUM Happy Holiday

比 利 时 的 快 樂 假 期

January 1 New Year's Day (nl: Nieuwjaar, fr: Nouvel An, de: Neujahr)
New Year's Day, also known as the "new years" refers to the current calendar of January 1. But before 1911, "New Year" that is today's "Spring Festival", which is the lunar New Year. New Year's Day is a holiday in many countries of the world or regions, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan, Korea and so on. Among them China, Singapore and vacation day as a statutory holiday in Japan on vacation for six days, from years ago, on December 29 until the first of which China, Singapore and the day as a statutory holiday leave, leave Japan for six days, from years ago, December 29 day until the second year on January 3. Custom, the "New Year" major blessing to each other in various ways, greeting cards is one of the main forms.

April 8 Easter (nl: Pasen, fr: Pâques, de: Ostern)
Easter (the resurrection day) is an important festival west, the full moon after the vernal equinox each year on the first Sunday. Christians believe that Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the third day after the Day of Resurrection cross between AD 30-33 years. If the region has the Easter holidays, it is usually with the Good Friday holiday. Today, many folk customs associated with Easter such as Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are not the origin of Christianity. Jesus commanded his disciples to remember his death (Luke 22: 19, 20).

April 9 Easter Monday (nl: Paasmaandag, fr: Lundi de Pâques, de: Ostermontag)
Easter (the resurrection day) is an important festival west, the full moon after the vernal equinox each year on the first Sunday. Christians believe that Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the third day after the Day of Resurrection cross between AD 30-33 years. If the region has the Easter holidays, it is usually with the Good Friday holiday. Today, many folk customs associated with Easter such as Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are not the origin of Christianity. Jesus commanded his disciples to remember his death (Luke 22: 19, 20).

May 1 International Labor Day (nl: Dag van de arbeid, fr: Fête du Travail, de: Tag der Arbeit)
International Labor Day, also known as "May Day", "International Day demonstrations," is Labor Day in most countries of the world.

May 27 Pentecost (nl: Pinksteren, fr: Pentecôte, de: Pfingsten)
Pentecost or harvest festival is one of the three feast of the Jews, and later became the Christian Pentecost day (or Pentecost). Jewish feast according to the Jewish calendar period, to commemorate the fiftieth day after the Israelites out of Egypt, God awarded to Moses on Mount Sinai, "Ten Commandments" of the day; Pentecost Christian date is scheduled in the first 50 days after Easter Jesus Assumption 10 days after the holiday.

July 11 Flemish Community Day
(Fran Texas only) (nl: Feestdag van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, fr: La fête de la communautéflamande, de: Feiertag der Flämischen Gemeinschaft)

July 21 National Day (nl: Nationale feestdag, fr: Fête nationale, de: Nationalfeiertag)
1830, the outbreak of Belgium Belgian independence movement, under Dutch rule from independence, becoming hereditary constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom, and chose a German nobleman, Saxe - Coburg - Gotha Duchy as Prince Leopold of Belgium's first king.

August 15 Assumption Day (nl: Pinkstermaandag, fr: Lundi de Pentecôte, de: Pfingstmontag)

November 1 All Saints' Day (nl: Allerheiligen, fr: Toussaint, de: Allerheiligen)
All Saints Day is both Catholic and Orthodox festival. In the Catholic Church, the All Saints' Day on November 1 each year. In the Orthodox Church, and Halloween is Pentecost (Pentecost) after the first Sunday, which marks the end of the Easter quarter. All Saints is a Catholic call for all the faithful saints and martyrs, including the well-known and unknown. This festival is the first day of the month of Catholic souls in purgatory, in the name of the saint celebrated festival, which is used as a day to celebrate all been included in the saint's feast of the saint. The Roman Catholic festival (Festum omnium sanctorum) is scheduled for November 1, followed by spirits Day November 2 is the first level of the celebration, including a vigil ceremony and a celebration of 28.

November 11 Armistice Day (nl: Wapenstilstand, fr: Jour de l'armistice, de: Waffenstillstand)
Remembrance Day (English: Remembrance Day) entered into on November 11 each year, for a memorial in World War I, World War II and other wars at the expense of soldiers and civilians to commemorate the festival. The first Memorial Day in 1919 held throughout the Commonwealth, formerly known as "Armistice Day" (Armistice Day), on November 7, 1919 by King George V was founded to commemorate the First World War in 1918 11 May at 11:00 on the 11th end. Different places have different names for the festival: Remembrance Day is popular in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom; Poppy Day (English: Poppy Day) common in Malta and South Africa; Veterans Day (English: Veterans Day) as the Americans call ; the Japanese called national day of mourning (Japanese: の national mourning day); in France, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries called Armistice Day (English: Armistice Day), which is the original name of the festival, for international Universal.

November 15 Kings Day (limited to civil servants) (nl: Koningsdag, fr: Fête du Roi, de: Festtag des Königs)

December 25 Christmas Day (nl: Kerstmis, fr: Noël, de: Weihnacht)
Christmas in Taiwan, also known as Christmas, is a traditional festival of the church calendar, it is a celebration day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Day, most of the Catholic church will be on Christmas Eve on December 24, that is December 25 Midnight Mass held in the morning, and some Christian churches will hold caroling, and then in December 25 to celebrate Christmas ; while the other major branch of Christianity - Orthodox Christmas celebrations in the annual January 7. According to Catholic Gospels, Jesus is the Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit pregnant after giving birth, Mary and her husband Joseph was on his way to Rome census registration. Jesus was born in a Jewish believer seems to be the Messiah prophesied in the plan to come to realize, because Bethlehem is David first family home. Christmas is also the Western world as well as many other areas of public holidays, for example: in Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. However, the exact date of Jesus' birth is disputed.

1月1日 元旦 (nl:Nieuwjaar, fr:Nouvel An, de:Neujahr)
4月8日 复活节 (nl:Pasen, fr:Pâques, de:Ostern)
4月9日 复活节星期一 (nl:Paasmaandag, fr:Lundi de Pâques, de:Ostermontag)
5月1日 国际劳动节 (nl:Dag van de arbeid, fr:Fête du Travail, de:Tag der Arbeit)
5月27日 五旬节 (nl:Pinksteren, fr:Pentecôte, de:Pfingsten)
7月11日 弗兰德社区节
   (仅弗兰德州) (nl: Feestdag van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, fr: La fête de la communautéflamande, de: Feiertag der Flämischen Gemeinschaft)
7月21日 国庆日 (nl:Nationale feestdag, fr:Fête nationale, de:Nationalfeiertag)
8月15日 圣母升天节 (nl:Pinkstermaandag, fr:Lundi de Pentecôte, de:Pfingstmontag)
11月1日 诸圣节 (nl:Allerheiligen, fr:Toussaint, de:Allerheiligen)
  诸圣节是天主教和东正教都有的节日。在天主教中,诸圣节在每年的11月1日。在东正教中,万圣节是圣灵降临节(Pentecost)之后的第一个星期日,因而标志着复活节季度的结束。诸圣是一个天主教称呼,用于所有忠诚的圣者和殉道者,包括知名的和不知名的。这个节日是天主教的炼灵月的首日,是以圣者的名义庆祝的节日,而这日是用作庆祝所有被列入圣品的圣人的瞻礼。罗马天主教将节日(Festum omnium sanctorum)定于11月1日,紧接着是11月2日的诸灵节,是第一等级的庆典,包含一个守夜礼和一个八日庆期。
11月11日 停战日 (nl:Wapenstilstand, fr:Jour de l'armistice, de:Waffenstillstand)
  国殇纪念日(英文:Remembrance Day)订立于每年的11月11日,为一个纪念在第一次世界大战、第二次世界大战和其它战争中牺牲的军人与平民的纪念节日。第一个国殇日于1919年在整个英联邦举行,原称「停战日」(Armistice Day),于1919年11月7日由英王乔治五世创立,纪念第一次世界大战于1918年11月11日上午11时结束。不同的地方对节日有着不同的称呼:国殇纪念日流行于澳洲,加拿大与英国;罂粟花日(英文:Poppy Day)通用于马耳他和南非;退伍军人日(英文:Veterans Day)为美国人的称呼;日本人称之为国民哀悼日(日文:国民哀悼の日);在法国、纽西兰以及其它英联邦国家则称之为停战日(英文:Armistice Day),这也是节日本来的名称,为国际通用。
11月15日 国王节 (仅限于公务员) (nl:Koningsdag, fr:Fête du Roi, de:Festtag des Königs)
12月25日 圣诞节 (nl:Kerstmis, fr:Noël, de:Weihnacht)



































































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