Xiamen, Fujian Province, is located in the southeast coast , is one of the five special economic zones in China , with a total area of ??1516 square kilometers , the urban population of about 410,000 , from the coastal part of Xiamen Island , Gulangyu and composition of the Jiulong River north shore . It is backed by Zhangzhou , Quanzhou , facing the Golden Gate , across the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan , Penghu Islands Sea. Xiamen is a beautiful scenery of the harbor city , well-known universal treaty ports and the famous hometown of overseas Chinese . The island's hills, tilt from east to west . Here subtropical inner harbor less fog, year-round ice-free seasons flow, known as the " mountain heights not no water , no winter trees do put flowers " reputation.

Xiamen Gulangyu urban southwest across the sea , beautiful scenery , beautiful environment . Boarding Sunlight Rock overlooking the panoramic scenery of Xiamen . Zheng Chenggong Memorial under rocks like rock at the southern coastal village is famous for its gardens and green beans embankment Pincha lido . Standing next to Xiamen University , Lu Xun Museum , Museum of Man can be visited . Urban East corner stone that thousands of botanical park , mountainous overlapping , ancient stone pines , clean streams , scenic garden scene . National hero Zheng Chenggong , Tan and other Chinese leaders but also for the history books Xiamen added a heavy , making Xiamen is also rich and varied cultural landscape . In addition, favorable climate , a wide variety of plant growth to provide the conditions here are unique Botanical Garden and the Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden .



厦门位于福建省东南沿海,是中国五大经济特区之一,总面积为1516平方千米,市区人口约41万,由厦门岛、鼓浪屿和九龙江北岸的沿海部分组成。它背靠漳州、泉州,面向金门,隔着台湾海峡和台湾、澎湖列岛遥遥相望。 厦门是一座风光旖旎的海港风景城市,驰名四海的通商口岸和著名的侨乡。岛内山峦起伏,从东向西倾斜。这里地处亚热带,港内少雾,终年不冻,四季畅通,素有“山无高处不行水,树无秋冬尽放花”之誉。