Located at the eastern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang , Yunnan Ganhaizi , located at an altitude of 3100 meters , picturesque , pleasant climate . Ball world's longest golf course fairway ; depending on topography and natural landscape so that each fairway styles, new compact layout , highlighting Asia's only snow stadium style. Clubs, villas and select the local Naxi architecture , integrate Chinese classical architectural style wooden cornice , especially combined with the surrounding natural environment, carefully designed and built to create unique national characteristics of ecological noble residential environment . With unique geographical environment , unique landscapes , world-class high-quality facilities, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club Golf Club is one of China's most unique .

Located at the foot of the peak writing , eight kilometers from the city , imposing Bang Bao , set the mountains and plains , mountains and water , majestic and beautiful in one, fully demonstrate the beauty of nature , the golf course east of Yulong County Metro , South pillow writing peak , Beitiao Yulong Snow Mountain and the ancient city , west of the ancient Naxi villages, surrounded by the middle of the sea jasper like writing , Beishanmianshui typical pattern , with an average altitude of over 2300 meters , a total length of 7,661 yards