Dongguan is a Cantonese dish system , with strong local characteristics , sub- hills, Po land, rivers and lakes , coastal film Cuisine , etc., and each representative of cuisine, such as the hills have Zhangmutou Hakka salty chicken pieces , Po Lam Tin tablets have Dalang sauce fried rice , Water tablets have nave abalone fish , coastal film has Humen Daning Crab porridge. Native litchi , banana mayong , Houjie Seto powder , Houjie sausage , white sand oil duck, shrimp Ma Humen Humen Crab, Yu family dumplings . Dongguan, the famous food street are: Garden Village Shijie, South City Chinese Food Street , Wan Shijie Humen , Changan Xinmin Food Street , Shek Pai food street and so on.

Dongguan ago is predominantly agricultural county, is the famous " land of plenty ", while natural diet with "fish" and "m" has an important relationship. In fact , it is this property basis , creating two types of Dongguan local diet - snacks and fried dishes .

Dishes refers Dongguan diet Aquatica . It should be said , to better reflect the characteristics of this part of Dongguan diet. As a Cantonese cuisine , the cuisine of Dongguan has its very unique place . As Dongguan previously dominated by agriculture, so Dongguan farmhouse dishes with a strong flavor . In contrast, Dongguan Cantonese dishes so than ordinary light , the taste is slightly heavy, and meat accounted for a large proportion of which , such as White Sands oil duck, Humen Crab, Sin sand fish , DaoJiao meatballs, boiled Shek Pai fish, Houjie sausage, Tangxia busy goose , baked plum roll raw bone , etc., are meat-based dishes. This is mainly related with the Dongguan rich resources , while not high standard of living also makes it easier for them to become people's favorite meat and fish dishes . In practice , more attention to work in Dongguan dishes , step down is not very complex, but eat up

Dongguan -based sweet dish with a little salty , but in this hot weather , light dishes boarded summer table Dongguan has become the people's favorite. Generally able to find food in the streets of Dongguan , the sell its earthy , salty and tasty palate obtain public welcome. Dongguan upscale cuisine , places delicate, exquisite, special, light and delicious and attract people's attention .

Dongguan dish Lingnan cuisine, with strong local characteristics , sub- Shan style cuisine, such as rivers and lakes flavor cuisine , each representative of dishes , such as the Shan , there Zhangmutou Hakka salty flavor chicken , fried rice , Long Lam sauce , soy pit stream Chine snail soup , lotus Sha Tin Water flavor soup pot keel , Hongmei taro together dry bend clams , eel , etc. Humen honey .

Dongguan Riverside sea, rich in aquatic products , seafood is one of the features, in addition to the famous Crab, heavy shell crabs, mantis shrimp, grouper , etc., are also known to produce shrimp . The most famous place to eat seafood new Humen Town , and more than a dozen food stalls lined up on the beach , from which, Kikunami seafood products , fantastic.