Changchun , capital of Jilin Province , the province's political, economic, cultural, technological and transportation center. In the country in a region of the heart of the city . China built-up area and the ninth largest city population in built-up areas . A special big city in the country . China 's largest city and the new auto industry cradle of Chinese film industry , the " Detroit of the East " and the " Hollywood of the East ", " East Los Angeles " in the world .

Changchun is located in the center of the Northeast Plain , the Northeast is a natural geographical center of the geometric center of Northeast Asia , Northeast Asia Economic Corridor Cross core . A total area of ??20,604平方kilometers.

Changchun is a beautiful , prosperous, open , international metropolis , urban areas inhabited by about 30 million migrant friends from around the world . Changchun 's name in five foreign languages ??are represented in Changchun is one of the 15 sub-provincial cities , National Sanitary City, National Garden City , get green highest honor - the National Green Model City , State Environmental Protection Model City , the most humane city ??, happiest City .

Changchun is known as the "Motor City ", " Film City ", "cultural city" "Optical City" , " Educational Technology City ", "University City" , " Forest City", " Sculpture City" , " exhibition of all " "Oriental Boston " " international rail transport of all " and other titles .


长 春 , 吉 林 省 省 会,全 省 政 治、经 济、文 化、科 技 和 交 通 中 心。中 国 区 域 性 中 心 城 市 之 一。中 国 建 成 区 面 积 和 建 成 区 人 口 第 九 大 城 市 。中 国 特 大 城 市 之 一。中 国 最 大 的 汽 车 工 业 城 市 和 新 中 国 电 影 工 业 摇 篮 , 有 " 东 方 底 特 律 " 和 " 东 方 好 莱 坞 "、" 东 方 洛 杉 矶 " 的 美 誉 。

长 春 地 处 东 北 平 原 中 央 , 是 东 北 地 区 天 然 地 理 中 心 ,东 北 亚 几 何 中 心 , 东 北 亚 十 字 经 济 走 廊 核 心 。 总 面 积 2 0 6 0 4 平 方 公 里 。 

长 春 是 一 座 美 丽 、 繁 荣 、 开 放 、 的 国 际 化 大 都 会 , 市 区 内 居 住 着 大 约 3 0 万 来 自 世 界 各 地 的 外 籍 友 人 。长 春 的 名 字 用 五 种 外 来 语 表 示 分 别 是 长 春 是 全 国 1 5 个 副 省 级 城 市 之 一 , 国 家 卫 生 城 市 ,国 家 园 林 城 市 , 获 得 绿 化 最 高 荣 誉 - - 国 家 绿 化 模 范 城 市 , 国 家 环 保 模 范 城 市 , 最 具 人 情 味 的 城 市 , 最 具 幸 福 感 城 市 。  

长 春 素 有 " 汽 车 城 " 、 " 电 影 城 " 、 " 文 化 城 " " 光 电 之 城 " " 科 技 文 教 城 " 、 " 大 学 之 城 " 、 " 森 林 城 " 、 " 雕 塑 城 " " 会 展 之 都 " " 东 方 波 士 顿 " " 国 际 轨 道 交 通 之 都 " 等 称 谓 。


Changchun gourmet dishes melt north and south , the essence of what the major vegetable flavor, set Sichuan, Shandong, Beijing , etc., especially the most unique flavor of local mountains , favored by domestic and foreign tourists .

Changchun dishes mostly Changbai Mountain Ginseng , velvet, paws , dragon , Hashima , matsutake mushrooms and other rare products as raw materials, science with meals , Seiko cooking together, combining herbs , quite prestigious . Which long Baishan Zhen Yan , snow suits hummus , deer feast , emerald Maotai chicken ginseng , safflower, paws and other most prestigious.

In addition, the hotel's Jilin Changchun flavor dishes, white meat Longjiapu blood sausage , Beijing Changchun Street No. 23 farm restaurant , fish farming , etc. An aroma of five in the country are also renowned.

Although the cold winter in Changchun , but the locals eat popsicles winter there , eating frozen dumplings and frozen fruits customs, which is probably the southerners seems unthinkable now !

Long白山珍feast consists of six dishes , using Changbai unique specialty - ginseng , deer horn , paws , dragon , Hashima , matsutake mushrooms, and other products for dozens of rare raw materials , set the blend of traditional Chinese banquet , fine workmanship , beautiful Ximian luxurious, brilliant color . Diet is characterized by a combination of ingredients , fresh herbs aid , food aid drug Viagra , the food world to enjoy delicious dishes can be considered best in the world .





长白山珍宴由六个菜,采用独特的长白山特产 - 人参,鹿茸,熊掌,飞龙,雪蛤,松茸等产品的数十种珍稀原料,将融合中国传统的宴会,做工精细,美观大方席面奢华,绚丽的色彩。饮食的特点是成分的组合,新鲜的香草援助,粮食援助的药物伟哥,食品世界享受美味的菜肴,可世界上最好的考虑。

Changchun (长春; Chángchūn; lit. Long Spring) [1] is the capital of Jilin Province and was formerly the capital of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. With a population of more than 6 million, it is one of the major cities in Northeast China (东北; Dōngběi), and is the largest center for China's automotive industry. In 2007, the city hosted the Asian Winter Games.

Local products
Ginseng - as the region around Changchun is a top producer of ginseng, it is available at most pharmacies in the city.
Kites - attractive and cheap kites are sold by vendors around Culture Square.

Sanfo is the leading outdoor gear stores in China and local store is at 668 Xikang Hutong, Ziyou Dalu District.

People's Square Here is the biggest selection of clothing shops and department stores in the whole city. Shopping runs along both Xi'an Da Lu and Changchun St. A well-visited mall, Charter Mall, (Zhuōzhǎn 卓展), on Xi'an Da Lu across from the Shangri-la Hotel. One can find luxury brands co-existing with the likes of Wal-Mart.

Guilin Road (桂林路) area is about 1.5 km (2.5 mi) to the south of Chongqing Rd along Tongzhi Jie (同志街) and is the most cosmopolitan part of town. The area along Guilin Lu, Tongzhi St, and the surrounding side streets offer much to see, buy, and eat. There are many restaurants in this area especially if you are interested in Korean food. Be careful with Korean food in Changchun as many Korean restaurants specialize in "Dog pot." There is less overall choice than Chongqing Lu, but if you are looking for specifics - e.g. Korean fashions then is the best place in town - though the shops in this area are a little more expensive. This area can be extremely busy, and it is definitely a target area for younger shoppers. Many places will not haggle price.

Hongqi Street (红旗街) is to the west of Guilin Lu and is the smallest of the three shopping areas. It is dominated by one of the better department stores in Changchun: Ouya (欧亚). The 6th-8th floors of Ouya contain the largest electronics market in the city. You can find anything electronic here, from mp3 players to laptops. Prices can be very high.

The Underground Markets (Dìxià Shìchǎng 地下市场): These are now extensive underground shopping areas, originally dug out by POWs during the occupation, intended to be used as bomb shelters. There are three of these places in Changchun: Chongqing Lu (重庆路), the Train Station (长春站), and Hongqi Jie (红旗街). If you want anything cheap (and probably fake) then these are the places to come. There are hundreds of small shops selling relatively undifferentiated products, and the term buyer beware definitely applies. There are some good deals to be had, but some products are poor quality and have high ticket prices. Therefore, be prepared to haggle as the shopkeepers will try to get you to pay the sticker price, which the local shoppers will never pay. If you don't speak Chinese, bring a pen and paper to help negotiate your price. Start at 50% to 75% off the ticketed price. If the shopkeeper balks at your offer, go to another seller. More often than not, if the shopkeeper wants the sale, they will call after you. This can be a fun shopping experience, but you may get your best deal at a discount retailer at home.

Beifang Market (Beǐfāng Shìchǎng 北方市场)
Zhongdong Market (Zhōngdōng Dàshìchǎng 中东大市场)
Eruasia Shopping mall (ouya maichang) Southwest Changchun. Ask a taxi driver to drive you, as this is quite populer and he will know what you are talking about. Great for children, has everything from an indoor playground to a booth to catch fish. Great for buying jade jewelery,pearl jewelery, or other types of necklaces , earrings, bracelets, or watches. has 3 levels of food courts, and a supermarket. hundreds of clothing brands, and an indoor ice rink.
[edit][add listing]Eat

Very good flatbread is available in Changchun. Look for it on the streets or in markets.
Although it is suggested you do not buy food or drink from street vendors, as there are flies and the liquids have been in the heat all day. Also, liquids ,if not sold, will not be replaced. So, most Liquids are days, even months old.

There are a number of western-style pubs in Changchun. There is a really big bar and club scene on Longli Lu (隆礼路) which are pretty hot during weekends. The beer there is cheap, about ¥6/cup. Occasionally there are some parties which are organized by "Changchun friends" or foreign teachers. Usually, they play the music themselves. The atmosphere is quite comfortable and people are very nice.
The Happy Home, Xikang Hutong - not far from Mayflower 2. This is the default meeting place for a lot of foreign teachers and other young and english - or russian - speaking people edit

3 Monkeys (formerly Cheers), Tian An City One (天安第一城 .硅谷大街661号朝阳区政府西行300米. The interior, music collection, drinks menu and all other aspects of the pub were designed by British, Italian and American engineers. The music is all western and the drinks menu includes English ale and Irish stout. This is the only place in Changchun to have a beer and a game of pool in peace. A front terrace away from the main road to have a beer on a summers evening in pleasant surroundings.


长春(长春,长春;亮龙春) [ 1 ]是吉林省的省会,曾是满洲国的日本傀儡政权的首都。随着600多万人口,它是主要城市在中国东北的一个(东北,东北) ,并是中国汽车行业最大的中心。 2007年,全市举办了亚洲冬季运动会。

人参 - 围绕长春地区是人参的顶级生产商,它可在大多数药店在城市。
风筝 - 是有吸引力的和廉价的风筝由各地文化广场厂商出售。


人民广场这里是服装商店和百货公司在全市最大的选择。购物沿着两个西安大路,长春圣良好的参观商场,宪章商城, ( Zhuōzhǎn卓展) ,在西安大路从香格里拉大酒店对面跑。人们可以找到奢侈品牌共存与沃尔玛的喜欢。

桂林路(桂林路)面积约1.5公里( 2.5英里),重庆路以南沿同治杰(同志街) ,是城里最国际化的一部分。沿桂林路,同治街及周边小巷的区域提供多看,买了吃。有许多餐馆在这方面,特别是如果你有兴趣在韩国料理。要小心韩国料理在长春很多韩国餐馆专门在“狗罐。 ”没有比重庆路少整体的选择,但如果你正在寻找的细节 - 例如韩国时装则是城里最好的地方 - 尽管在这方面的商店也多了几分昂贵。这个区域可以是非常繁忙的,而且它绝对是一个目标区域为年轻消费者。很多地方不会计较价格。

红旗街(红旗街) ,是桂林路西侧,是最小的三个购物区。欧雅(欧亚) :它是由更好的百货公司在长春的一个主导。欧雅第6 ?8层包含最大的电子市场上的城市。你可以在这里找到任何电子产品,从MP3播放器到笔记本电脑。价格也非常高。

地下市场(睇下Shìchǎng地下市场) :这是现在广泛的地下购物区,最初挖出了战俘在占领期间,拟用作防空洞。有这三个地方在长春市重庆路(重庆路) ,火车站(长春站) ,以及红旗杰(红旗街) 。如果你想要的任何东西便宜(也可能是假的),那么这些都是前来的地方。有数以百计的小商店出售比较无差别的产品,术语买家当心绝对适用。有一些好的交易是有,但有些产品是质量差,并有高票价。因此,准备作为讨价还价的店主会尽量让你付出的标价,其中本地消费者永远不会支付。如果你不说中国话,带上笔和纸,以帮助您进行谈判价格。开始在50 %至75%的票款价格。如果店主不太愿意在你的报价,去到另一个卖家。很多时候,如果店主想出售,他们将在您致电。这可以是一个有趣的购物体验,但你可能会得到你的最好的交易在家里的折扣零售商。

北方市场( Beǐfāng Shìchǎng北方市场)
Eruasia大型购物中心(欧雅maichang )西南长春。问一个出租车司机开车送你,因为这是相当populer ,他会知道你在说什么。伟大的孩子,一切从室内游乐场到一个展位捕鱼。大购买玉器首饰,珍珠首饰,或其他类型的项链,耳环,手镯或手表。有3个级别的美食广场,和一个超市。数以百计的服装品牌,以及一个室内溜冰场。
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有许多长春西式酒吧。有一个非常大的酒吧和俱乐部现场对龙里路(隆礼路),其中在周末有相当热。啤酒有便宜的,大约¥ 6/cup 。偶尔也有这是由“长春的朋友”或外籍人士组织一些聚会。通常情况下,他们玩的音乐本身。这里的气氛很舒服,人也很漂亮。
快乐的家庭,西康胡同 - 从五月花2不远。这是默认的聚会场所,很多外籍教师和其他年轻和英语 - 或俄语 - 说话人编辑

3只猴子(原干杯) ,天安第一城(天安第一城,硅谷大街661号朝阳区政府西行300米。而内饰方面,音乐收藏,饮品和酒吧的所有其他方面由英国人设计,意大利语和美国工程师。音乐是所有西方和饮品菜单包括英国浓啤酒和爱尔兰黑啤,这是长春市唯一的地方,有一个啤酒和一个游戏在和平池。前面的露台离主干道有一个啤酒在一个夏天的晚上,愉快的环境。