Anhui Province located in the east of China, less than 3 hours from Shanghai by high-speed train. With Yangtze River and Huaihe River cross through from south and north of the province, it is divided into three parts: South Anhui, Middle Anhui, and North Anhui. Its typical semitropical climate makes it a place with distinct four seasons.

Anhui Province is rich in tourism resources , natural landscape and cultural landscape each other . Anhui Tourism and Culture distinctive , Shou , She County , Bozhou national historic city . Culture and diet are the specialty in recent years to promote the object of special events with unique local characteristics , and thus colorful Anhui tourism and cultural activities . Anhui Tourism Attractions: Among the many tourist attractions in Anhui , has five national key scenic spots , including Huangshan pines, rocks , clouds, hot springs called " four no ." Famous Taoist shrine Qiyun Taoist relics and unique landform remarkable ; Jiuhua Mountain is one of China's four famous Buddhist mountains , the existing 78 ancient temples . " Mountain" Tianzhu , 45 peaks , 86 rocks, 18 waterfalls and other scenic spots ; Langyashan to " Drunkard Pavilion" legendary, in addition, there are 19 tourist attractions in Anhui provincial scenic area . Anhui Travel Guides : Wuhu Fantawild , Cao underground personnel carriers Road , Tai Chi -dong , Fengyang Ming imperial tombs , Xidi , Tianzhu Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain , Huangshan Scenic Area, Langye Hill, Tiantangzhai , Fushan , white Cliffs Village, Xiaogushan , Nanyue Temple, Palgongsan , Chaohu , Anhui Huating Hu , etc. are recommended tourist attractions .



安徽旅游资源十分丰富,自然景观与人文景观交相辉映。安徽旅游文化别具特色,寿县、歙县、亳州为国家历史名城。文化、特产以及饮食都是近几年大力推广的对象,特色活动具有独特地方特色,也因此产生的多彩多姿的安徽旅游文化活动。安徽旅游景点介绍:在众多安徽旅游景点中,有5个国家级重点风景名胜区,其中黄山的奇松、怪石、云海、温泉堪称“四绝”。 著名的道教圣地齐云山,道教遗存和别具一格的丹霞地貌令人瞩目;九华山是中国四大佛教名山之一,现存78座古寺庙。“南岳”天柱山,有45峰、86怪石、18瀑等胜景;琅琊山以《醉翁亭记》名扬天下,除此之外,安徽旅游景点还有19处省级风景名胜区。安徽旅游攻略:芜湖方特欢乐世界、曹操地下运兵道、太极洞、凤阳明皇陵、西递宏村、天柱山、九华山、黄山风景区、琅邪山、天堂寨、浮山、白崖寨、小孤山 、南岳庙 、八公山 、巢湖 、花亭湖等都是安徽旅游值得推荐的景点。


Anhui Province is located in eastern China. Yangtze River, the Huaihe River flows into the territory of the province is divided into three parts of roughly equal size . Huaibei area is a warm , Huainan area ( also known as Anhui ), the southern region ( also known as Anhui ) is a subtropical climate .

Huaibei production of wheat and potato ( sweet potatoes ) , corn, sorghum and other grains, pasta residents . Decades ago flooded here nine years , disasters , long-term economic backwardness , the people living in poverty, everyday dishes monotonous, almost nothing to eat vegetables .

Anhui Jianghuai hilly area and includes alluvial plain of the Yangtze River , where the Yangtze River , the Huaihe River , Chaohu Lake and other natural lakes , there are rolling hills and fertile farm land criss-cross . Rich in rice , cotton , tea, fruits and other food and cash crops , fish , poultry , livestock and more, is famous for its fish and rice . More developed land and water transportation , and promote the development of industry and commerce, culture is becoming more prosperous , improve eating habits which gave local people to create favorable conditions .

Wannan mountain peaks of mountains , beautiful scenery , there Xinanjiang water Yangjiang , emblems and other rivers of water , so that the mountains have tea Li Lin , basins and river valleys and foothills suitable for farming . Here is a small population, many residents doing business , coupled with the need for export mountain property , but also to promote the development of commerce. Since the Tang come along, tycoon , ages shortage. Their luxurious pleasures of life , are bound to give dietary habits and customs of the time to bring some of the effects .

Due to differences in the geographical environment , Anhui, only a few major areas of different varieties of grain and vegetables , people's tastes differ . In Huaibei Plain , the masses hi salty spicy sauce heavy tinted, and the usual raw garlic , parsley Sami and color , eating beef and mutton . South of the Huaihe River in Anhui Province in aquaculture and livestock production in the region because more and more people to fish, chickens, ducks, geese and making eggs and other dishes . Especially in the cooking water , fresh poultry , pork Kyo, pay attention knife, note form, color , except salt and soy sauce and other seasonings , but also appropriate to sugar to taste . Rural residents salty taste . Dabie Mountain area salty tastes of the masses , but also addicted to spicy. Anhui in the masses but also conventional tea, sawdust or rice hulls made ??of smoked meat dishes . As with Huang Shan Mao Feng tea smoked and other Yangtze River carp, Jin Lin Yu- fat , fragrant and delicious. Also , if two hundred years of history "inaction smoked duck ", is taken after the first smoked halogen unique system of law . There are also people love to eat bean curd explosion meat, fish centipede , crystal water chestnuts round, guinea fowl , fried eel, fried snapper and other traditional dishes. In rural areas , in addition to eating normal seasonal vegetables , the farmers also love to eat pickled bacon, pickles and fermented bean curd and so on. Pickle pattern more . Wannan good at cooking game delicacies such as turtle stew and braised ham civet , which is south of Anhui Province specialty sandy horseshoe turtle , raccoon do Ingredients of snow oxtail . Others such as Huangshan braised pigeon , steamed partridge , politics mountain bamboo shoots, steamed mushroom dishes such as meat and vegetables , all of the village in the region of Huangshan pigeon , partridge , mountain bamboo shoots and mushrooms in politics and other specialty steel. Although this area of aquatic much, but cooked fresh water unique. Such as marinated fresh mandarin fish ( ie, smelly mandarin ) , burning herring , etc., are different from the method of manufacture of fish in the areas of Anhui , has a unique flavor. Vegetables in the region more than roasting, stewing , pay attention to fire power , gravy lard heavy , authentic. Tea -based beverages daily . Here is QI , Tuen Green , Huang Shan Mao Feng , peace monkey and other tea producing areas . Green tea is a favorite of local people 's daily drink.