Laos emerged from that conflict as one of the poorest countries on the planet, as most of its citizens were lacking in education and useful training.
Over the last few decades some levels of economic and governmental progress have occurred. Underneath it all, Laos has great natural resources, including tremendous potential in the mining and timber industries.

The lifeline of the country, the Mekong River, is its major corridor of transportation for goods and services, and the source of its electric energy.
Looking into the future, with much-needed development in tourism policies and facilities, and overall improvement in manufacturing and technology, Laos may finally emerge as an important force in the Southeast Asia.

在过去几十年中,一些经济和政府进步水平已经出现。 在这一切之下,老挝拥有巨大的自然资源,包括矿业和木材工业的巨大潜力。



The small Middle East mountainous country of Lebanon was first settled around 3000 BC by the Phoenicians. It was eventually absorbed into the Holy Roman Empire.
Invaded and conquered over the centuries by the Assyrians, Ayyubids, Babylonians, Byzantines, Mamluks and Ottomans, it was Turkey's defeat in World War I, and the subsequent influence of the French that transformed the country into the modern land we know today.

The 2012 Syrian Civil War caused incidents of sectarian violence and armed clashes between the Sunnis and Alawites. By April 2014, more than 1 million Syrian refugees had fled to Lebanon.

Currently, the U.S. Department of State and other world governments strongly warn citizens against travel to Lebanon during this time, as the country struggles to regain its footing.

黎巴嫩的小中东多山国家是腓尼基人在公元前3000年左右首次定居的。 它最终被神圣罗马帝国所吸收。

2012年叙利亚内战造成了逊尼派和阿列维奇之间的宗派暴力事件和武装冲突事件。 到2014年4月,已有100多万叙利亚难民逃往黎巴嫩。

目前,美国 国务院和其他世界政府在此期间强烈警告公民不要前往黎巴嫩,因为国家努力恢复立足。


Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, located partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo.
West (peninsular) Malaysia shares a border with Thailand, is connected by a causeway and a bridge (the 'second link') to the island state of Singapore, and has coastlines on the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca.
East Malaysia (Borneo) shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia.

Malaysia is a mix of the modern world and a developing nation. With its investment in the high technology industries and moderate oil wealth, it has become one of the richer nations in Southeast Asia.



Malaysia is truly a national holiday and celebration. Multiracial celebrate all major festivals, marking an important section of all races and religions. Most festivals are colorful, and its ancient historical traditions and customs are still retained.

Each year, before the arrival of the main festival, people from urban areas have a large number of their flock to towns and villages, and to guide the various festivals celebrating the boom. At this time, every family was busy greet the arrival of the festive season and doing a lot of preparatory work. Cleaning, decorative house, buying new clothes, prepare a variety of festive refreshments and buy sufficient food, etc., are the traditional customary practices.

September (Qi quit months) and the back end of the calendar beginning in October.

The festive atmosphere on September 20th Muharram has started. Muslims were up early to greet the new year, and then to the grave to mourn their loved ones. Cleaning the house, put on new clothes the New Year, but also something for the house decorated. This is the open door of each home, visiting friends and relatives greeted the good old days.
From the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated 15 days after another began. It was a busy day of rejoicing, on behalf of the family reunion, elders distributed red packets to their children or relatives, thereby giving a blessing. In addition, give each other a good omen citrus symbol of good luck, but also a traditional lion dance ceremony.

Sarawak Dayak celebrate this festival in early June each year, marking the end of the rice planting season and the start of the new season planting season. They will usually Dayak house to clean it, and to worship the ancestors of the tomb. Eve of the festival, family reunion together, especially the younger generation who will prepare a dish of food to their parents. In addition, every household will prepare rice wine to entertain guests, and to celebrating dance festival. During the festival, we all wear the best clothing and slaughter livestock to celebrate the harvest.

 Malaysia and other parts of the world celebrate similar. Christians will go to church on Christmas Eve in prayer and worship will be held. In addition, as early as two weeks ago, all the hotels and shopping malls everywhere filled with festive, buildings have their own covered Christmas color equipment and lighting. In addition, charities also take this festival distribute gifts to orphanages and homes for the elderly.

Malaysia National Day falling on August 31, is a grand celebration, colorful parade, stage performances and major cities across the country organized competitions and so on, become a feature of the festival. In addition, residential and commercial buildings over flying the flag, but also add to the jubilant atmosphere of the festival.

Ethnic Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival originated in China during the Yuan Dynasty Mongol rule, and since then every year August 15 is celebrated around the full moon when the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Colorful lights sea and eat moon cake moon is characteristic of this festival.

The end of the prophet Mohammed in Germany every year to commemorate the birth of Muharram was held on March 12, is another important festivals of Islam in Malaysia. The program includes celebrations held prayers, preaching and other religious ceremonies in the mosque.




节日的气氛于回历九月 20 日已经开始。回教徒们一早起来迎接新的一年,接着到亲人的坟前悼念。屋子大扫除,穿上过年新衣服,同时也为屋子点缀一番。这是各个家庭大开门户,迎接亲朋戚友到访的好日子。

华人新年从农历的第一天开始接连庆祝 15 天。这是一个欢腾热闹的日子,代表着家庭团圆,长辈们分派红包给自己或亲友的孩子,借此给予祝福。此外,互赠柑橘象征吉祥好兆头,舞狮也是一项传统的庆祝仪式。



马来西亚国庆落于 8 月 31 日,是一项盛大的庆祝活动,多姿多彩的游行队伍、舞台表演以及全国各主要城市举办的竞赛活动等等,成为节庆的特色。此外,在各商业大楼和住家上空飘扬的国旗,也为节日增添欢腾的气氛。

华族中秋节起源于元朝蒙古统治中国时期,自此以后每年 8 月 15 月圆时各地华人都庆祝中秋。五彩缤纷的灯海以及赏月吃月饼是这个节日的特色。

先知默罕末德的纪念诞辰在每年回历 3 月 12 日举行,是马来西亚另一个回教的重要节日。庆典节目包括在回教堂内举行祈祷、传道及其他的宗教仪式。

Malaysia's food culture:
Malaysia's pluralistic society, food, etc. revealed. This collection of Chinese, Indian, Western, Malaysian indigenous ethnic foods, making dazzling variety of cuisines, freely choose.
Rice is the staple food of the people of Malaysia, but the noodles are also quite common. Chinese food from street stalls to the hotel in a small restaurant, from snacks to costly banquet, and so forth, to choose from. There are aspects of stuffed tofu snacks, shrimp noodles, char kway teow, curry noodles, broth powder, pizza, Hainanese chicken rice, clay pot chicken rice, wonton noodles, dim sum, Bak Kut Teh, Penang Laksa, a wide range.

Malaysian food spicy-based, one of the more famous foods are nasi lemak, tasty satay (chicken, beef and mutton), Malay cakes, bamboo rice, turmeric rice.

Indian food is spicy flavor dominated, the most common way to pull all kinds of tea and pancakes. There are other Indian food Charles Buddy (capati), playing worship (tapai), more than crumbs (tosei) and so on. Indian banana rice is also very famous.



在前奏国歌的公共晚餐,是菲律宾 - 中国食品礼仪的一大特色。一般先菲律宾国歌奏响,然后打出了中国国歌。当每个人都崇敬庄严的国歌,为居住和一体化的国家菲律宾中国方面的表现,对祖国家乡的儿子的表现深深怀念。爱国的中国人,菲律宾的概念有两个含义,一是爱菲律宾,二是爱中国,在饮食方面的政治和文化礼仪也得到了充分的体现。








The Maldives, a group of about 1,200 islands, separated into a series of coral atolls, is just north of the Equator in the Indian Ocean. Only 200 of the islands are inhabited. It has a population of 393,988 and celebrates their National Day on July 26th.
Many of these tropical atolls and islands are simply gorgeous, with swaying palms, white sandy beaches and deep-blue lagoons; none of the islands rise higher than 7.8 ft. above sea level.

The Maldives successfully gained their freedom from the United Kingdom in 1965, and three years later, declared itself an independent republic.

In 1978, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was elected president, and a period of political stability flourished along with an increase in tourism and increased foreign contact.
In spite of the booming economy, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's presidency was seen as controversial, and a series of coup attempts throughout the 1980s were attempted.
Additional riots in the capital city of Malè during August 2004 garnered worldwide attention, and prompted the president and his government to pledge much needed democratic reforms, including a more representative political system and expanded political freedoms.



尽管经济蓬勃发展,Maumoon Abdul Gayoom的总统被视为有争议的,并且在八十年代尝试了一系列政变。


In this ancient land of Mongolia, archaeologists have found remnants of a 500,000 year-old culture, one that in many ways parallels the nomadic tribes and lifestyles that still exist today in some of the outer reaches of the country

In July of 1990, the first democratic elections were held, and the country officially rid itself of communist rule.

The country's capital, Ulan Bator, is its largest city as well as the central connection point for all railroads and highways in the country. The city serves as the nation's cultural and political center, and the main entry point for tourists.

Recently, a mining boom of copper, gold and coal has led to a major economic surge, especially in Ulan Bator. Since 2003, the GDP has more than doubled and tourism is on the rise.



该国的首都乌兰巴托是其最大的城市,也是全国所有铁路和高速公路的中心连接点。 这个城市是国家的文化和政治中心,是游客的主要入口。

最近,铜,黄金和煤炭的采矿热潮导致了重大的经济激增,特别是在乌兰巴托。 自2003年以来,国内生产总值增长了一倍多,旅游业也在增长。

Myanmar ( Burma )

Burma, the "Golden Land," is a mostly Buddhist country whose history can be traced back to the Neolithic era.

Through the next two centuries, Burma fell under the ruling of numerous small kingdoms, was conquered by the British in the 19th century and incorporated into its Indian Empire.