The small Kingdom of Jordan occupies a strategic location in the Middle East. This arid and ancient land (of biblical fame) has witnessed centuries of conquests and invading armies.

Tragedy struck Jordan in late 2005 as the country endured three terrorist bombings in Amman. Later, the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians was revoked to prevent Israel from permanently re-settling the West Bank. In 2013, a new government was sworn in and for the first time, King Abdullah constulted with Parliament on cabinet membership.

The modern (and historic) city of Amman, the capital city, is only five hours driving time from anywhere in the country, and serves as the administrative and commercial center.

Tourism is one of the most important factors of Jordan's economy, and the country served 8 million people from many different countries in 2010. Jordan is also well known for health and medical tourism, focusing on the Dead Sea area.
The country's major tourist attraction is the rose-red city of Petra, founded around 1000 BC. Hiking and scuba diving for nature enthusiasts also should not be missed in the Aqaba's reefs along the Gulf of Aqaba


随着该国在安曼遭受三次恐怖主义爆炸事件,2005年底,悲剧袭击了约旦。后来,数千名巴勒斯坦人的公民身份被撤销,以防止以色列永久重建西岸。 2013年,一个新政府首次宣誓就职,阿卜杜拉国王与议会成为内阁成员。




Sandwiched at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, and (at one time) was the second largest republic in the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.).

Almost completely surrounded by China and the Russian Federation, its abundance of natural resources (especially oil and gas) have put this relatively new country on the front burner of international investors and multilateral corporations.
The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world's oldest and largest working space launch facility, (under Russian control), and is located about 200 km to the east of the Aral Sea, on the north bank of the Syr Darya River.

Although a part of the Space Age, there are many significant internal problems that must be solved in Kazakhstan if it is to make any serious progress economically; important ones of note include a deteriorating infrastructure (especially in the rural areas), an isolated geographical position with no direct access to an ocean, wavering relationships with China and Russia, and its easy-to-understand political resistance to change.

Kazakhstan's government is stable, and it seems only a matter of time before this massive land emerges aggressively onto the world's stage.






The small Middle East country of Kuwait, an independent Arab Emirate, holds 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves.

This small, oil-rich nation, has resumed a somewhat normal life since the costly Gulf War. However, in the volatile Middle East, controversy is often just around the corner.
Through the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 Kuwait became a major staging base for coalition forces.

With a searing-hot climate and its dominant desert topography, Kuwait's agricultural development is very limited. Subsequently, with the exception of fish, it depends almost completely on imported food.
As a tax-free country, Kuwait is a shoppers' paradise, and consists of a variety of shopping malls and markets all of which play a big part in the Kuwaiti social life.


这个小石油丰富的国家总结了海湾战争以来的一些有点正常的生活。 然而,在不稳定的中东地区,争议往往就在拐角处。

科威特的农业发展十分有限,拥有炽热的气候及其主要的沙漠地形。 其次,除了鱼类,几乎完全取决于进口食品。


Home to stunning mountain scenery, including toothy-edged, snow-covered peaks, and lush river valleys, some adventure travelers feel that Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

The majority of the modern citizens in Kyrgyzstan are descendants of nomadic Turkic peoples that roamed Central Asia for centuries, and, to this day, most prefer to live in the rural areas.

Primarily a resting stop for traders, merchants, and other travelers from Asia to Europe, Kyrgyzstan was a semi-peaceful place of various tribes until the 17th century when Mongol Oirats invaded the region.

For many decades the country's economy depended on Russian economic influence, and the loss of that assistance required some new thinking. Today the economy of Kyrgyzstan still revolves around agriculture; however, modern manufacturing methods and tourism are slowly on the increase.




几十年来,国家的经济依赖于俄罗斯的经济影响力,失去了这种援助需要一些新的思考。 今天,吉尔吉斯斯坦的经济仍然围绕农业发展。 然而,现代制造方法和旅游业正在逐渐增加。