Located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia can trace its history back to Neolithic times, when it was first inhabited around 2000 BC.

Cambodia was placed under French ruling by King Norodom in 1863, and remained a protectorate until 1953 when, with the help of successor King Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia finally received their independence.

As a new country, Cambodia established itself as a constitutional monarchy, and tried to uphold a policy of neutrality.

However, as the eastern provinces of Cambodia served as bases for the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong (NVA/VC) forces operating against South Vietnam in the 1960s, the country found itself on the brink of war as the United States began target bombing sections of the NVA/VC.

What is the food of Cambodia ? The popular Khmer dish called amok uses a kind of catfish steamed in a savoury coconut-based curry. The small fish known as Trey Dang Dau are very common and are often eaten deep-fried. While freshwater fish is the most commonly used meat in the Cambodian diet, pork and chicken are also popular.

Cambodia - February - Meak Bochea, April - Khmer New Year (Chaul Chnam Thmey), April/May - Royal Ploughing Ceremony (Pithi Chrat Preah Neanng Korl), May 13-15 - King Norodom Sihamoni's Birthday, September - Ancestors' Day (Pchum Ben), November 9 - National Independence Day, November - Water Festival (Bonn Om Touk), May - Vesaka Bochea (Buddha's "Birthday")




然而,柬埔寨东部省份作为1960年代北越陆军和越南(NVA / VC)部队在南越运作的基地,随着美国开始瞄准轰炸部分,该国发现自己处于战争的边缘 的NVA / VC。



Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades announced march 18th 2014 that he is battling against eurozone demands that all Cyprus bank customers pay a one-time levy in return for a bailout. Mr Anastasiades said he shared people's unhappiness with the terms, whereby ALL BANK CUSTOMERS would pay a levy of 6.75% or 10% on their bank deposits. The EU and IMF have demanded the levy in return for a 10bn-euro ($13bn; £8.6bn) bank bailout. Mr Anastasiades said it was the worst crisis since Turkey invaded in 1974. The worst crisis is that politicians are in charge!

The island consequently served Britain as a key military base along its crucial main route to India, which was Britain's most important colony of that time.
In 1914, when Turkey entered World War I on the side of Germany, Britain offered Cyprus to Constantine I of Greece on condition that Greece join the war on the side of the British; Constantine declined.

What kind of food do they eeat in Cyprus ? Sheftalia and souvlakia, Wednesday vegetable market in Nicosia, Halloumi cheese, Typical bakery in Onasagorou Street, Skordalia sauce, hummus and grilled vegetables, Bamies (okra with tomato and oil), Meat meze with sliced lountza, chiromeri, onions and olives, Moussaka.

Cyprus Festivals - Wine Festival in Limassol, The Festival of Roses in Agros, "Anthestiriya" - a fesival and a parade of colours in Limassol, International Chamber Music Festival in Pharcs, Street Art Festival, Street Life, Medieval Festival of Ayla Napa, Strawberry Festival in Derinya.

塞浦路斯总统尼古拉斯·阿纳斯塔西亚斯宣布,2014年3月18日,他正在与欧元区的要求作斗争,所有塞浦路斯银行客户支付一次性征费,以换取救助。 Anastasiades先生表示,他对这些条款感到不满,所有银行客户将在其银行存款上缴纳6.75%或10%的征费。 欧盟和国际货币基金组织已经要求征收100亿欧元(130亿美元,86亿英镑)的银行救助费。 Anastasiades先生说,这是自1974年土耳其入侵以来最严重的危机。最严重的危机是政客负责!

1914年土耳其在德国方面进入第一次世界大战,英国向希腊君士坦丁一世提出了塞浦路斯,条件是希腊加入了英国方面的战争; 康斯坦丁拒绝了。



Georgia, situated at the dividing line of Asia and Europe, is an ancient country of rugged mountains and very determined people.

Traditionally an agricultural land - quite famous for its wines - tourism is on the front-burner in Georgia as international travel has increased - especially along the Black Sea coastal areas.

Georgina Food - Georgina is writer at She studied English and Spanish at Nottingham University and went on to study a masters in magazine journalism at Nottingham Trent. Her main loves are vegetarian ... We've picked our favourite heart-shaped cupcakes, biscuits, cakes and tarts... Chicken, salad


传统上,一个以其葡萄酒而闻名的农地 - 旅游业在格鲁吉亚的首府,国际旅行有所增加 - 特别是沿黑海沿岸地区。