Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia. The country has a population of 33 million, making it the 42nd most populous country in the world. 

What food do they eat in Afghanistan ? Pulao: Steamed rice with raisins and carrots, usually served with a side dish of meat, vegetables or beans. Qabli pulao: A popular variant of pulao served with lamb. Shorma: Soup using various different recipes such as. Mantu: Meat-filled dumplings steamed and topped with a sauce of yogurt, mint, lemon and garlic.

How Noruz is celebrated in Afghanistan ? Afghanistan. Nauruz is celebrated widely in Afghanistan. Also known as the Farmer's Day, the observances usually last two weeks, culminating on the first day of the Afghan New Year, on March 21. During the Taliban rule (1996–2001), Nauruz was banned and considered "an ancient pagan holiday centered on fire worship".

阿富汗正式是阿富汗伊斯兰共和国,是一个位于南亚和中亚内陆的国家。 全国人口3300万,是世界人口最多的国家第42位。



Armenia is a mountainous, landlocked country, on the southeastern edge of Europe, and at the gateway to the Middle East and Asia.

This valuable geographical position for potential trade between continents became a curse of sorts. Over the centuries it was invaded and controlled by various empires, including the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Persian, and Ottoman.

Under the rule of the Ottomans, Armenia was able to enjoy substantial autonomy, and remained peaceful with other groups in the empire.

By 1908, the Ottoman Empire began to collapse, and as World War I erupted, Armenia was viewed as suspicious as many Armenians were part of the Russian army.

What occurred following this ordeal was the unfortunate deaths of an estimated 600,000 Armenians during a genocide that lasted only a year.

The regional fighting continued with Azerbaijan over land control, which bloodied both countries until a cease-fire agreement was finally reached in 1994.

The local economy still suffers from the long-term ramifications of war, an Azerbaijan fuel blockade, and a very severe 1988 earthquake that destroyed much of its infrastructure, and killed over 55,000 of its citizens.

Still, the country continues to make improvements in the 21st century, and as of 2012 was the 39th most economically free nation in the world.

What is Uzbek Food ? Uzbek cuisine shares the culinary traditions of Turkic peoples across Central Asia. There is a great deal of grain farming in Uzbekistan, so breads and noodles are of importance, and Uzbek cuisine has been characterized as "noodle-rich".

What is Armenia Festivals ? Tolma Festival, Carpet Fetival, Festival of honey and berries, Barbecue Festival, Wine Festival, Festival of national costumes, Festival of sheep shearing.....











Azerbaijan, located on the western edge of the Caspian Sea, sits at the crossroad between East and West. (Asia and Europe)

Along with Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan was integrated into the Transcaucasian SFSR after the collapse of the Russian Empire during World War I.
The TSFSR fell apart by 1918, and Azerbaijan declared their independence, emerging as the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. In the Muslim world this put them as the first modern parliamentary republic.

Most notably, Baku became an important petroleum resource, and supplied most of the Soviet Union's oil.

Today, the oil fields in and around Baku still flourish, however, environmentally, the Caspian Sea suffers from related pollution.

At the start of the 1980's civil unrest developed within the Soviet Union, and along with Armenia, Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991.

There was little time for either country to celebrate as regional fighting between both Azerbaijan and Armenia over land control bloodied both countries.
A cease-fire agreement was finally reached in 1994.
Today, this historic land is rich in cultural diversity, with over 70 ethnic groups calling it home.

Tourism is an important factor of Azerbaijan's economy, and the country is brimming with countless natural and cultural spots to explore.

Popular Azerbaijan Food Dishes - Dolma, Lavangi, Lyulya Kebab, Piti, Pakhlaa, Halva, Qutab....

Azerbaijan Festivals - Many events and concerts also take place during this period. Among them are the Jazz Festival and Food exhibitions of Baku. As Muslims make up a majority of the population in Azerbaijan, the spiritual festival of Ramzan iscelebrated big time with festivities and decorations all around the country.

阿塞拜疆位于里海西部边缘,坐落在东西两岸之间。 (亚洲和欧洲)